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The facts includes on various topics such as Geo facts- facts about Earth, Historical facts which gives the historical origin, Inspiring facts- the facts that inspire other to render service to mankind ,nature or animals, Interesting facts- facts which are interesting and fun to know, Nature facts- about nature. Some common Phobias ,Interesting Superstitions across world, myths and realities.

The "Research facts"  are gathered from researches and surveys happening across the World from popular Universities, Research Organizations and some survey agencies. These facts are collected from various sources like print media,magazines and even some on line news sites.

The facts cannot be completely taken into consideration,  as the research facts are based purely on some sample data only, and health facts cannot be considered as a cure for ailments as this health facts can just make you aware of various health aspects. And some of the interesting facts, interesting news, customs, believes,religious practices are not meant to hurt any body knowingly or unknowingly. Please take them in to right sense and enjoy them. You can even get some good tips related to Health, Beauty and Kitchen.

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