Making a good first impression?

Making a first impression is just more than a way we dress, its how we speak, the confidence and personality we carry on in the interaction.

Its very important to remain calm, subtle and confident , be a some one they can gel with you easily.

Here are three things we need to focus on:

Stand tall:

It means not sanding in front of her with a hunched back showing your  macho, sometimes it may show lack of confidence. Correct the posture stand tall and speak with confidence. Stand correct and look into her eyes and speak clearly.

Don't focus on yourself too much:

During unexpected times we tend to focus on ourselves much, this will be much more for an introvert. To make the situation easy we may tend to look for alternatives focusing on ourselves too much like grooming ourselves, and adjusting the dress, this may clearly exhibit lack of confidence and shy which definitely may not turn on the opposite person. Be like the way you are.

Engage in Small talk:

It will be uncomfortable and uneasy if you are pouring down more questions like an interview, engage in small talk and try to get her interests which can be converted to relatively larger discussions, avoid too many personal questions in the first talk itself. Small talks helps you to know her interests based on which you can avoid certain discussions from being implemented.


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