Husbands cause more stress to women then children

According to a study nearly 46% percent of women feel their husbands cause more stress than their kids, the reason being stress caused from kids is not related to cheat or abuse. The fact is Men behave like kids until they are 43 years of age which is exhibited in their behavior and attitude. A 7 year old behavior is expected but an adult behaving like a 7 year old is more stress full to manage.

More often dads will be in the good books of children as they have fun , as an accompliance in all fun ideas of kids and moms on other hand are more concerned in up bringing their kids follow discipline , becoming bad in the opinion of kids which result in stress.

Also most of the men spend their free time relaxing and playing with kids while mothers have to engage in house hold chores makes them having less time spending with kids which is even worse if a single mother or working mother.


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