Aviation industry causing more pollution

According to figures from the German non-profit organization Atmosfair, flying from London to New York and vice versa generates about 986 kg of CO2 per passenger. There are 56 countries where the average person emits less carbon dioxide in a whole year, from Burundi in Africa to Paraguay in South America. 

But even a relatively short return trip from London to Rome has a carbon footprint of 234 kg of CO2 per passenger, more than the average produced annually by citizens of 17 countries. The figures are averages that take into account which aircraft models are typically used on flight routes and the estimated occupancy of seats onboard those aircraft. The figures include only the CO2 generated by burning aircraft fuel, not the emissions embedded in the construction of the aircraft or any other greenhouse gas that may be produced, such as water vapor. 

Aviation emissions could triple in the next three decades The aviation sector currently accounts for about 2% of global emissions and is one of the fastest-growing polluters. According to the projections of researchers at the Metropolitan University of Manchester, emissions from the sector could more than double by 2050, even if airplanes become substantially more fuel-efficient and airlines save more carbon by optimizing their operations.Source


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