Researcher's have found the body clock reset button in the brain

A team of researchers at Kyoto University in Japan have found the clock's 'reset button' inside the brain.
According to them it is a group of 10,000 brain cells - about the same size as a grain of rice - which constantly talk to each other to keep a strict control over the time.The scientists found that interfering with the vasopressin receptors, essentially a brain cell's ears that allow it to keep in touch with its neighbours, let the clock shift rapidly.  Their study, published in the journal Science, showed the button could be used to switch the clock to a new time zone in a single day. 

According to the study author "Studies have shown that chronic jet lag and rotating shift work can increase an individual's risk of developing hypertension, obesity, and other metabolic disorders.But the present studies results identify vasopressin signalling as a possible therapeutic target for the management of circadian rhythm [body clock] misalignment." Source.


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