Women have very less knowledge in politics and current affairs than men

According to researchers from universities in 10 countries found shocking facts to discover an "unmistakable" gender gap in between men and women knew about current affairs. Sociologists found that the results reflected how marginalised women still feel from public life, where the majority of leading figures are men. 

"The fact that throughout the whole world women know less about politics than men and that this is as true for people in Norway as it is in Colombia is really very surprising," according to James Curran , a media professor at Goldsmiths , University of London, one of the project's 15 researchers. 

The global research project, which was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council , tested knowledge of domestic and international news in Australia , Canada, Colombia, Greece, Italy, Japan, Korea, Norway, the UK and the US. It found that the gender gap persisted regardless of the country's wealth or policies. 

Overall, women were only interviewed or cited in 30 per cent of TV news stories in the nations surveyed. They are also more likely to be quoted in features or "soft" news stories, such as family, lifestyle and culture. Source.


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