A cafe in Germany where visitors have to pay for time they spent rather than what they order

A café in Wiesbaden in western Germany charges  customers for the amount of time they spend there, rather than for what they order. It was started by an 24-year-old Daria Volkova, who came to Germany from Russia in 2008, opened the 'Slow Time' café ,the concept comes from Russia, where it is has proven to be a success. Customers are charged €0.05 per minute, amounting to €3.00 an hour. When they arrive at the door, Volkova gives them a wristband with the time marked on it. When they leave they hand it back and their bill is calculated to the minute.

In a 75 square-metre room which has space for about 25 customers and to make money, Customers are allowed to have as much coffee as they want, and they can even bring their own food. The entire space is supposed to feel like a living room, with books, board games and slippers provided. Source.


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