Going a road trip will improve couples relationship


According to a survey going a road trip together will improve couples relationship.

In the study 91 percent of couples have taken road trips together, and 84 percent agree the experience has strengthened their relationship, according to a new survey of more than 1,000 people released by YourTango collaborating with Ford Motor Company.

Plenty of couples (63 percent) have a “back-seat driver” on board who “helps” the real driver negotiate the road, offering him or her the following advice:

- 32 percent tell the driver they’re driving too fast
- 27 percent tell them they’re going the wrong way
- 22 percent tell them they’re not paying enough attention to their surroundings/traffic
- 15 percent chide them for driving too slowly
- 9 percent tell them they’re not using signals properly/sufficiently
- 7 percent chide them for honking/usual foul language/gestures towards other drivers


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