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Mobile phones the breeding place for bacteria

Miracle surviving from rabies

World's oldest erotic image ever

Tying patients to bed because of lack of attendants

Playing foot ball can reduce high blood pressure in women

Moderate exercise is good for longetivity

Even Salads at restaurants can be fattening

Not able to find correct bra makes women away from exercising

Black Cumin seed oil is good for reducing Cancer

People tend to save money to maintain it

Goodness of Grapes

"Fire catches" in USA so often

A device that can send scented messages,

A spray to make dogs friendsly

Rainbow on land - Kunming

"How much bacterial you will develop with out Brushing teeth"

"Most women prefer to have alchohol before sex"

"The Swiss cantons of Appenzell and St. Gall" waged war for the sake of gender of bear

'Which is the animal that reconizes individual humans?"

Coffee waste can be used as a fuel....

Processed meat increases chances of heart attack in men

Brown rice is healthier than White rice

Eating less can prevent women from breast cancer

Vitamin D deficiency causes premature death

Massive underwater reserve beneath United States

Een brisk walk can preent us from cancers and Cardio vascualr diseases

"European Hares" can become pregnant while pregnant

"Queen Ant mate" once in life time

Tamarind seeds can regrow nerve damages

"Human breast milk from cow by "State Key Laboratories for Agro Biotechnology at the China Agricultural University"

Angry expressions add to verbal conversations..

We do have a sixth sense for taste on our tongue

An injection to reduce cholesterol completely

Men do enjoy foreplay equal to women

Permanent hair dyes are carcinogenic for users

Texting and calling worse than drunken driving

Pictures in Blue get more likes in Instagram

Flirting according to science

"Violinist" "Paganini's" genius

"Guinea Pig" will take deadly poison and survives but dies if given "Pencillin"

Men who prefers small breasts of women are actually....?

Vitamin E found in cooking oil may damage lungs

Deadly diseases overlooked since longtime.

Fasting 8 days an year rebuilds the immune system

Rats regret too for their decissions

Human face has evolved from fighting

Two minutes of high intensity exercises can prevent diabetes

Green tea is known to reduce pancreatic cancer

Red wine and Chocolate boosts memory...

Nearly thirty percent of the World is Obese

Our sexual thoughts arise where we grow up

Beverages contain high fructose levels which are harmful

Bill gates on a mission to get a skin like condom

Bed time procrastination leads to sleep deprivation

"Yahoo" reveals top mispellings in "yahoo search"-2011

"Isolina Campos" Oldest student ever

"World's costliest Kebab ever" by "Chef Andy Bates"

Man jailed for attending a nature call in "President Robert Mugabe's toilet"

Medicine students tend to have more sexual partners

Men are more attracted to women's lips with red lipstick

Men who smoke cannabis are prone to become infertile

Suicides peak during midnight to 4AM

Women gets turn on to strong skillful hands of men

Bearded men less attractive for women

Learning multiple languages keeps dementia at bay

Smoking leads to gain weight

Low testosterone in men leads to depression

World record for multiple orgasms

Snoring is know to disrupt sex life

Men get stressed in the presence of beautiful women

Spouse moving up close with husbands friend can cause erectile dysfunction in men

White bread consumption linked to obesity

Exposure to light while sleeping can make you fat

Saliva may protect harmful chemicals present in tea and coffee

Watching pornography damages mens brain