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Water melon acts as natural viagra

"Squeezing stress ball known to reduce blood pressure

"Gastric surgery may reduce conditions of diabetes"

"Lengthiest Suicide note"

"Hitler wanted to go Hollywood"

"Italian military man sued his wife's lover"

"Famous stunt hero 'Jackie Chan's' experience with laundry services"

Bullet proofs can be made from human stem cells

Power can be generated from toilet flushes

B12 deficiency affects more in vegans

A study suggests that people with the most active social lives had the slowest rate of memory decline.

Sex is considered a good calorie burner

Foods rich in Tyramine causes headaches

Watching porn makes ladies sick

"The first owner of a cigarette company died of cancer"

Which is the only planet that rotates clockwise in solar system

Which is most efficient in waking you up than cofee?

Do pearls melt?

Which animal breathes through its butt

'Martin Library a sinking library'

Soldiers put in action to stare Storks in "Zeltweg, Austria"

A Russian official eats money to escape trial

Backless,strapless bra going to hit market

Men can cheat their partners if their father's are unfaithful too

'A place where fewer people than automobiles'

Pomegranate juice reduces stress

The boat "Mail Boat" with ZIP code

"Natural Vanilla" is addictive in nature

"Men will prefer sex with a stranger than women do"

"Rats in "New York" are also prone to "heart attacks'

Big buttocks are beautiful in Venezeula

Children who are bullied at young age can still feel emotionally much later in their 50s

Motor cycle which doesn't makes noise

The way the couple sleeps indicates about their happy relationship

Good exercise helps in stroke recovery

Lap dancers with an art of hypnotism

Dead woman robbed

Charging with boiling water

Mountaineering gear used for burglary in Romania

Green tomatoes helps in muscle building

Moderate drinking of Red Wine is good for heart

Viagra may cause melanoma?

'Playing 'video games' will boost imagination in kids'

'Normal sleep of 6-9 hours improves quality of life'

'Noseberry sapodilla plum, chico sapote' is very good for health

Street lights that glow in dark

Father's gene is responsible for stress in later generations

Women's walk tell about her orgasm history

Women modulates her voice sexier than men

Modern origin lions have originated from their ancestors lived around 124,000 years ago

What is PTSD?

Bad teeth can affect athletes performance

"4M multimillionaire matchmaking center"

"Men fall in love more in unusual dangerous situation"

"Snoring kids likely to have behavioral problems- Yeshiva University"

"Dried tomatoes may host dreadful Hepatitis A bacteria"

"Vitamin E may week bones before the times"

Self defensive ATMs coming soon

Smoking affects taste buds

Largest single piece of crystal Gold

Majority of the people lie while sexting

Men affects more from a heart break then than women

Being optimistic reduces chances of hearattack

Scientists found a method to convert human waste into energy and drinking water

Scientists creates Vagina in lab

Man pays for a ticket after 35 years

A rare white Buffalo calf

Its run away turtles in "Kennedy air port"

"Virginity costs equvialent to Iphone 4"

Watching TV can lead to sleep disorders in kids

Spanish school "Monica Sevilla" girl has to name a Asteroid

"Criminals unaware of high voltage cables blew themselves in Germany"

"Men will never tell their partners as obese by UK's National Obesity Forum"

"People who sleep on left side lead a less stressful life"

"Tu Vi Ming" started the business of breaking lovers

"Mummy Tummy- the vest which can make men feel the effects of pregnancy which a women only can"

"Men are sexier at 40s"

"Joseph Black" discovers "CO2"

"Multi vitamins" causes risk of "heart attacks or cancer"

"Breast feeding" reduces "blood pressure" and "hypertension" later in womens life

"Love supermarket" in China aims to compete "online dating agencies"

Teenagers watching long hours of TV and working on computer may develop weak bones

Morning sunlight is good for fat buster

Depression causes 40% of heart attack deaths

'Poorer people are more affected with heart diseases'

'Hot chilli peppers are good for Sinus'

'Strange laws'

History of 'Kotex'

Popular teen kids face most bullying in schools

Tiny microbe responsible for mass extinction of life on Earth

Green Papaya is good for heart