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Bull fighter "Lagartijo"

"Chocolate coffin" for sweet maker

"Beer flea"

"Traffic lights were invented" by "Detroit Policeman"

"Potatoes worth equal to gold" during "Alaskan Klondike gold rush"

Having more sex can reduce heart problems

Pregnant women feel urge for sex during her trimester

Almonds improve brain power

Women who stay quiet during an argument were more likely to die than those who express freely

Bahamas the most Ethical country of 2014

Humans can sense trillion smells

Associating with social groups reduces depression in patients

Like human animals are fond of their environment

Dogs show emotions just like humans do

Men are prone to be anti-social when in stress

Career oriented women are sexually inactive

'Sex-Selfies' are becoming popular on social media

Blue berries are good for health in many ways

Exercising with partner is more effective than in working out in gyms

Even Fore play is considered as exercise

Almonds are good for eyes

Rare Earth minerals are getting scarce and costlier

In Chile, they're developing bio-mining - a process which uses bacteria to liberate copper from rocks, saving money and energy.

Lack of sleep kills brain cells

Why dark chocolates are good for health?

Eating less can reduce life span

Canyon Water falls

Fear towards maths is genetic

Hidden vegetation in Antarctica reviving back

One of the oldest Cancer was found 3000 years ago

What is Nocturnal Sleep-Related Eating Disorder?

"Watching Opera show consumes more energy than any other TV program"

"What is pandiculation"?

"Pessary" a device which can prevent premature births"

"Warming of oceans has started from a century ago"

"Dieting mothers give birth to obese kids"

Planet Mercury is shrinking

Having a shot of Tequila may reduce Blood Glucose levels

Honey can kill even drug resistant antibiotics

Why Ireland is called Emerald Isle?

TV watching can be as dangerous as smoking and obese

Babies are born without knee caps

Which "animal's milk" cannot be made to curd?

"Nation with Bird dropping as chief export"

Barbie's measurements

'Beautiful people are found to be selfish more'

Angry people do see Red?

Human brains react unconsciously to our body movements

Sitting cross legged for long hours can increase blood pressure

Sex improves inteligence

Blood pressure is affecting majority of population

Heart attack is the leading killer of women in US

Birth pill may rise MS risk

Elephants are able to recognize and differentiate human voices

Babies anticipate pleasant things and smile for it

Contagious yawning will be less in olders

"Who won the First olympic race?"

"When and who introduced concept of gymnasium?"

"World's oldest surviving boat"

"What kind of men affects with cirrhosis of liver?"

Lack of sleep affects brain tissue in young men

can power be generated using human urine?

Takeaway restaurants increases the chances of obesity

Mysterious flickers appears before Earth quakes

Obese teenage girls outperforms in academic studies

Spanking makes children aggresive and depressed

Hormone Replacement Therapy in longer run can cause uterine cancer

What is navel gazing used for?

Moderate drinking during early stages of pregnancy could be dangerous to unborn kids

Most effective birth control measure

What is Emergency contraception?

"Fidel Castro's" method for literacy

"Why hair turns grey"

"Spider fights" are common in some "Asian countries"

"Raj Bogh" restaurant, a place where you can get "gold coated pan cakes"

What is "Hyperhidrosis"

"Smoking causes Psoriasis"

"Breastfeeding is good for lungs of the kids"

"Karoke rooms are getting popular in Japan"

Fingernails grow nearly 4 times faster than toenails.

Snakes detects victim's heart beat

A recent survey found around four out of 10 US air passengers admitted they don’t always turn their gadgets off on flights.

Passive smoking among kids causes heart problems in their later life

"A new born Blue whale"

'Survival for fittest' starts in womb itself for "Tiger head sharks"

'Elephants die while standing'

'Dangerous creature in the world'

'Which animal recognises itself in mirror'

'Natural way to temperature measuring'

"World's first women's day"

Calcium and Vitamin D after menopause will increase cholesterol

Facebook users share a lot about eating disorders

Scientists that can stop even a train

"FBI" suspected 'Einstein' as 'Nazi'

"Dummy Paris" during WW I

"Skill Craft" pens are very popular in US

"Ancient history found below "Sahara Desert"

"Why we can't feel our own tickle"

"Dubbed Mumnesia" the phase of women where they give importance to 'motherhood than love'

'Mirna' the largest diamond mine

"Popular fad among women in middle ages"

Rajan the swimming elephant

Supermodel @age 82 -Daphne Selfe

Bride @ 82 and bride groom at 24

"Want to win support from your boss"

Jaggery can be a substitute for normal sugar

Honey causes botulism for kids under age one

Peels of fruits and vegetables are good for health

Red meat, such as hot dogs or bologna can up cancer risk