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Wheat grass could save death

Blood test to predict to chances of death

Wrong foot wear for diabetics could lead to amputation

Cheating could lead to creativity

Advancing parental age could produce off springs having mental problems

Paris' Pere LaChaise- most expensive grave of the World

A Californian couple strikes gold burried under a old tree

Central Park in New York

'Laughing' is good for 'Stress'

'Pupil in the eye' expands more at pleasant things

Which is the first ship that used 'SOS'

'Drink more'water' when you are not thirsty'

Herbs like basil, thyme, cinnamon, mint and spices like garlic not only enhance the flavour of your food but also provide calcium to your body.

Herbs like basil, thyme, cinnamon, mint and spices like garlic not only enhance the flavour of your food but also provide calcium to your body.

Baby poop going to be used for making healthier sausages

Lettuce can be used to make bio- electric wires

Stress hormone the cause of fraility

Ginger is good for 'ovarian cancer'

What do 'Colgate' mean in Spanish

'Leukemia' to be cured in less than three weeks

Super drug to cure many viral infections

'Womb transplantation', the first of its kind

'Mathematics skills are in born '

'Women shy about their bigger foot size'

Model wants to to be brainless like Barbie

Gene responsible in kids for viewing violent TV shows and playing violent video games

Scientists finds a switch mechanism in our brain for sleep

Blue mountains of Australia

Neuschwanstein Castle...

Try wearing online before you purchase your outfits with "robotic mannequins" "Fitboots"

Cellphone can make you childless

"History of chocolate" is very ancient

Accident by a bridal car killing old woman in Romania

"Sanda Filat" wife of "Maldovian president" donation offers

"World's narrowest building"

It was a naked reason for the flight to emergency landing

Piercing body for a record

Caterpillar stoping the train

FBI going to dust bins

Robbery for just one night

Its a punishment to his manhood

Researchers grows a lung in a labaratory

Nazis might have used mosquitoes as bio logical weapons

Loneliness the major cause of premature deaths in elderly

Lake Sorvagsvatn the only two level lake of the World

Texting while walking causes disturbance to the posture

Infants use fake crying to get mothers' attention

Honey can reduce wrinkles effectively

Natural moisturizers with cucumber extracts

Nail polish removers and acetones are known to cause drying effect on the skin.

Kissing record on Valentines day

Condom sales increases on Valentines day

"Flushing the genuine money"

"Reservoir in Oregon"emptied because of a man peeing in it

"Death penality for the dog" by "Jerusalem Rabbinical court "

Young children are choosing vomiting to reduce weights

Average age of loosing virginity is 17

"PAMMUKALE"- the land of natural spa

A boy carrying a pen in his head with out knowing for several years

Chinese boy with extra finger and toes

A man fined for entering hospital with "Anaconda"

Its a hobby of collecting business cards

Its a real Cliff Hanger scene for a Swiss man

Fighting for the bed

Bus drivers demanding free chocolates for beating stress

He dumped his penis into rubbish

Diet rich with anti- oxidants is good for sex

Most women are not aware of their fertility and getting pregnant.

Signs of a sexual addiction

The new chair of "Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia "

Cooking in non stck ware is injurious to health

Goodness of Musk Melon

Rhino beetle- the heavy weight champion

Tweeting apologies by an "Malysian Social Activist"

Kids of divorced parents will be week in maths

"Organ donation for the sake of buying an Ipad"

"Young twitters" are increasing in UK according to "AVG study"

"Strange government policies" in "Bolivia" for making people to pe punctual to office

" The Istana Nurul Iman palace" largest palace on Earth

Which "letter in alphabets will not be used in any of the states of USA"

Only insect that can turn it's head completely?

World's largest man made rain bow at "Polytechnic University of the Philippines"

Interesting Facebook facts

"Heidi -Cross eyed marsupial with 70000 visitors in Facebook"

Kissing machine by "Kajimoto Laboratory at the University of Electro-Communications"

Wrong entry into bed room at wrong time

Roadrunners' eat even poisonous snakes

Which creature can turn its stomach inside out?

Which pet in "USA" is equal to human population?

How many times a person "laughs" per day?

Goodness of Cucumber

"Canadian Shield" was once an active volcano

"Sanctury of truth" a marvellous creation of art

"Licking" has medicinal properties

"Death sentence" for "killer tortoise"

"A Nigerian man with most number number of marriages"


History of "Valentines day"