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Cleveland clinic tips to combat stress

An Italian study found that women who enjoyed dark chocolate every day were more likely to report a satisfying sex life than women who did not.

Exercise is good for sex too

Social media to blame for eating disorders in kids and teens

Mutations in two specific genes may cause noenatal diabetes

Vitamin E is important for patients suffering from Alzheimers

Staying cool reduces weight

Cancer first found in canines 11,000 years ago

Eating chocolates could reduces chances of type 2 diabetes

Smoking and drug habit of pregnant women can make thier kids lesbians and gay

What is Aphasia?

The human thumb is controlled by 9 individual muscles which are controlled by 3 major hand nerves.

Japan has the highest life expectancy rate in the world with almost 100% literacy rate too.

What happens to the alcohol we drink inside our bodies?

Goat meat is called Chevon or Cabrito. It is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef, pork and even chicken.

Word 'Pumpkin' originated from Greek

Eating Wheat germ reduces pimples

Garlic is good for ageing skin and sagging

Eating cheese reduces dental problems

Most X rated movie of all times

Hersheys chocolates going to be printable soon

Pets should be avoided to share beds with owners for a healthy life

What Indian women don't like in their prospective partners

One out of every five person in the world is obese.

Micro particles may reduce heart damage

Scientists found a giant canyon below Antarctica ice

Frequent video game players experience haalucinations

Conjoint Whales found in Mexico

Female Capuchins throw stones at males as flirting

Heavy alcohol can cause diabetes and pancreatic cancer

Brain waves can tell a lot about the mental state of humans

Human lungs are 100 times more easier than to blow a toy balloon

Davinci visualized the first design of parachute

Shopping is as addictive as eating cakes

Lack of sleep affects brain tissue in young men

Lack of sleep affects brain tissue in young men

Green tea helps in getting glowing skin

Genetic test to know about future threats of diseases we may be facing

Silk worms to spin colored fibers

Anti bacterial and fungus glass for electronic gadgets

Chinese man dies of stretched long yawning

Human ancestors in Africa survived on tiger nuts

Map of galaxies upto 6 billion light years created for the first time

Contact lens that gives super human vision

Scientists develop alternative allergy free yogurt from plants

Artists reach peak in their art by age 42

Drivers take off their eyes from the road only to eat and text

High BP is more dangerous for women than men

Inflated praise can harm kids with low self esteem

Dogs can sense Earth's magnetic fields

Scientists identifies a vital protein to stop tumor growth

The alcohol people drink shows their political orientation