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An American holds Guinness record for having more than ten thousand video games collection

World population is consuming more salt than recomended

WHO recommends midwives as good as docs

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Earth has still 1.75 billion years to go

Father turns his dead son into precious stone

Yoga along with healthy diet can cope up cancer

Twitter emerges as best tech employer in 2014

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Edetailing a new trend in pharma market

Majority of new moms rush out of hospital soon after delivery

Bra that can read over eating

Scientists created world's first chemical message' O Canada' using Vodka

New cell division in humans could pave a way for treating cancer

scientists find a hope for reversing age

Cosmetic products are very hazardous for infants and toddlers health

Using non stick cook ware may causes diabetes

Fun activities imposed by bosses might reduce the productivity of employees

Older people are less tired than even in teenagers

Dogs were first tamed in Europe than Asia, earlier thought

Only 59% of Pharma Companies Own Dedicated Compliance Departments

Regular sleeping patterns could reduce body weight easily

People suffering from psoriasis should check their heart

Eight in ten children now beating cancer

Chronic headaches leads to brain loss

Blue colored images get more likes in instagram

Sex is considered as a moderate exercise

Restaurant salads can make us fat

Divorce rate is more in couples with different drinking habits

The feeling of hunger is because of food clock present in our stomach

Mindfulness Improves Reading Ability, Working Memory

Men look better if they spend time with friends at least twice a week

Scientists develop a new malware that works by sound waves

Mood reflecting sweater

Women turn offs buying products associated with sexual explicit images

Drinking too much unfiltered coffee can causes cholesterol

High blood sugar is the cause for dementia rather than diabetes

Healthy diet helps in reversing the age

Reduction green house gas reduction could prevent millions of deaths every year

A word for 'French kiss'