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Digital lollipop to taste food online.

Acid rain lead to mass extinction 250 million years back

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Marijuana could potentially help treat autoimmune disorders including arthritis and diabetes.

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Facebook addiction is linked to nucleus accumbens like other cravings as food and sex.

Oreos are as addictive as Cocaine

50 year old bottle message reached his owner in New Jersey

choking is a common and dangerous for kids

Many are killed by super bugs each year- a growing concern unnoticed

Majority of the Americans die because of preventable heart diseases

At an internet addicted era still 15 percent of American don't want to use it.

World's oldest man living is an Bolivian

World's first floating hotel in Denver

Pop music enhances the efficiency of solar power production

Young kids sleeping late night will have academic and emotional difficulties.

Asthma in women causes prolonged pregnancy

Designer genital surgery becoming popular among youth

Bariatric surgery could improve sexual pleasure

Kissing is not just for sexual arousal, it is for more than that

Women suffer from breathlessness more than men

Most of the men and women in their 40s are becoming obese and they don't realize it

Life would have started in clay

Milk produced within 48 hours of giving birth is good to treat many diseases

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Gum diseases causes atherosclerosis, hardening of arteries

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Having sex is like having regular gym

Japanese men and women going through ‘celibacy epidemic.’

IUD is the best way to prevent birth control

Testosterone levels in men decreases due to unhealthy habits not because of age