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"Virtual sex"possible by '2030' by "Travelodge" hotel chain

"King Abdullahs" rule for lingery shops

A new intra-vaginal ring could prevent HIV infections effectively

'Smart water bottle' helps you hydrated based on your body

A pill that can prevent wrinkles

"Ms Allen" "British Antarctic Survey" suffers from a rare kind of "Sleeping Sickness"

"500 year old Rome Monastery shut down by Pope"

"Swiimer's ear"- makes it most number of visits to a doctor than any other disease

"Truthfulness doesn't help you even at old age"

Men consider a nice smile more important than a good figure or a pretty face of women

Early 50s is the best age for undergoing cosmetic surgery

Lativia is the most beautiful country in the World

Research proves that Mediterranean diet reduces heart attacks and strokes by 30 percent

Does having sex causes heart attack?

Laughter, along with an active sense of humor, may help protect you against a heart attack

"Food for heart"

Symptoms of heart disease can be different between men and women.

Girl's experience more anxiety towards maths

Pap smears only need to be done every three years in women under 50

Cell phone radiation may cause infertility

Majority of the employees do give suggestions to their boss

Google is the number one search engine in terms of consumer satisfaction

Self-Service Shopping Grows in Popularity- Cisco

Fashion and retail employees are increasingly dissatisfied with their jobs

Accounting companies tend to have fewest office romances when compared to other industries

Convenience store owners are among the hardest-working professionals in the UK.

From rags to riches for a "Philipino poor carpenter"

Women like to date with men having good hair

Enhancing boob size with cookies

Prolonged working on computer may make woman look older than their age

Young men spend more time than young women watching pornography

Men are attracted more to women in uniforms

Cheetah race used to happen once in England

Seizure dogs can predict when a child will get epileptic seizures

History of wedding cakes

"Alan Smithee" the official pseudonym of Hollywood directors

Diet plays a major in controlling heart attacks

Your teeth can be a window for your overall health

Spending time with your mother in law makes you happier

Kids who play with blocks do well with maths

Tea breaks triggers fights among employees?

The unsolved robbery in sky

Women are happier with work-life balance than men

Anti-depressants could increase the chances of type 2 diabetes risk.

"A punishment more than a life span"

"Robbery in the name of god in Chicago"

"This dog has got its day"

"Epiphany"- the "Russian orthoxox holiday"

"Masked woman in Hong Kong" "Bauhinia Heroine"

"Bubble game", one of the favorite game in the world

"Russian Orthodox Church" Chappel on wheels

Old people are poor liers by "University of Otago research"

'Bosang' the "festival of umbrellas"

It was indeed a good punishment for rape by a "Bangladeshi woman"

Around 207,000 children aged 11-15 start smoking in the UK every year

The existence of 'Big foot' creature may be possible

Wine causes more damage to brain than beer

Early intervention can protect you from retinopathy

Even doctors like to have and use IOS devices

Does facebook one of the chosen application for teenagers?

Smartphone users prefer convenience over security

What outfit men and women would like to see their partner wearing on bed?

Melatonin – the hormone with the main function of regulating sleep – can also fight breast cancer

Falling televisions risks increasing more affecting children

Sufficient amount of Vitamin D among women reduces chances of fibroids

Using Facebook doesn't make you happy

Chewing gum reduces stress and anxiety

3D printers emit harmful nano sized partlcles

Children exposed to media violence may become aggressive during adult age

More older male siblings a man has, the greater chance he will be gays

Distractive sounds affects cognitive performance

Happiness spreads like a disease

We are surrounded by 82,000 chemicals in terms of cosmetics

Cheaters feel better of themselves as long as no one get hurts

Working less hours can make you healthy

Music is more than the food and love and even better than sex to make one happier

Women are more conscious about their skin complaints than men

Britain has become increasingly open-minded about sex

Why fresh grads don't get hired immediately?

Onset of Parkinson's disease can be diagnosed by monitoring hand writing

Check if you have POC Syndrom symptoms?