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Personality affects men in becoming a father

Mushroom that can cure Prostrate Cancer

"Man tattoed on his penis to win a car"

Traffic signal- having a couple having sex in "Nimwegen, Holland"

Smoking causes the same impact among men and women

People with belly fat are prone to heart diseases than those who are obese

"Arab teenagers" spend much in shopping than any other teenagers' in world

School girl alowed to write her exams with an ipod in Scotland "Mary Erskine School in Edinburgh "

Monkey's attract female monkeys by "Urine wash'

"World's tallest woman is still growing"

"Vampire woman" "Maria Hose Cristerna"

"Art of lifting weights with eyes" by "Kung Fu master Feng - from  Luoyang"

Kids' of fathers' who work long hours become agressive

Playing the Star craft makes you smarter

Men not happy with their spouse;s success

Sexy grave for a sexy star " 23-year-old deceased star of German Big Brother" "Carolina Wosnitza"

'Toy tiger created havoc' in "Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire"

27 hours of spending on "Mount Everest" by a "Nepali Guru"

What is post-orgasmic illness syndrome (POIS)?

No need of clock or calendar for "Amazonian" peoples

Have you ever saw "yellow roads"?

"Royal cannibals" from "Europe"

"Nancy Luis" Poetry on hen

A different incentive for the sale's guys by "insurance giant Munich Re"

"Man with horns" "Huang Yuanfan"

Cheers to cheese as it will not affect heart problems

What is post sex blues?

What is “exertional headaches”?

What is Transient global amnesia?

Sleep deprivation is increasing among teens

Broccoli is known to reduce osteoarthritis

"Giant Octopus discovered in New Zealand"

World's Oldest woman"Njoki Wainaina" but not officially

Titanic burger by "Oscar hotel in Britain"

Boy travelled 620 miles wrongway to meet his mother

Each human being posses atleast seven bad habits in their life time

Canned for not doing home work

Be happy- you live long, but scientists says its not true

Two feet on one leg- a strange operation in China

'Al Nahyan' a person known for creating gaint vehicles

"Lengthiest ocean journey"

Dancing, reading and attending theater is good for health

Long term use of hypertension drugs linked to breast cancer in women

Which is the most "poisonous frog" in the world?

Which is the only " insect" that can turn head completely?

Vegetarian diet is good for heart

"Viagra may make you a man, but causes deafness"

Goodness of Basil

"40 day old baby performs an Organ donation to save two infants"

"Mona Lisa" Skull discovered

What was the "original name" of "Butterfly"?

Which is the "most often used and least often used " alphabets in English language

Bosses prefer beauty than anything in the corporate world?

Sprayable cofee soon

Teens do more accidents while listening to their favorite music while driving

Diet comprising fruits and vegetables reduces chances of bladder cancer in women

'Which is the only place in US that has a palace?

Women wear one third of what they pack for holiday

why kids prefer to travel by train?

World's first twitter hotel in Spain

Famous Brit Doctor Barry once,was actually a woman

Are "All Bats" superstitious about direction?

Where was the "oldest Cheese" ever found?

"Listening to music can make cows" more yiedling

In this place " married " means same as "poison"

"Kissing " can be considered as workout

"The safest number of times to reuse a razor is three times'

The computer in the cell phone is much cheaper than one at "MIT in 1965"

'Lightning' hits men more

'What was 'google' originally named?

Six cups of Cofee a day to keep away prostrate cancer

Religious people were more likely to enjoy sex

Doing exercise activatates the brain and responds to stress

Majority of bread winners are moms

Music pirates are also 10 times more likely to pay for it

Legal masturbating at work

Be good with colleagues, it will increase your life span

"Human head" is same as "Water melon" find out how???

What is the largest "painting made on earth"?

Suicide can be predicted with blood test

Men are more likely to die from skin cancer than women

NASA scientist's creates artificial aurora in a bottle

A cure for sleep disorders soon

"Alarmed pot plants" as "home security"

Spine tingling return back by " Homesick hedgehog Primrose'

"Tyson", the heavy weight "killer prawn"

"Tree kangaroos"

"Animal with more fracture on its body"?

Its good to have break fast for good health

Believes about what causes obesity?

One in three American youth faced dating violence

People who loose virginity much later will settle well in their lives

What men notices in women at first meet?