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Lewis River Falls in USA

Beautiful Nizina glacier of Alaska

Beautiful Atlantic road in Norway

Pitvice lakes of Croatia

Stunning images of tectonic plate gap between Europe and America

Heraklion the first European civilisation believed to be started from here

Italian tree tomato is it a miracle?

Licking eye ball a new fetish among Japanese youth

Men feels women they have seen already as less attractive because of evolution

Eating fish in diet reduces breast cancer

Reasons for sleeplessness

What is 'reproductive coercion'?

Love drug can help stabilize strained marriages

'Yeah' is the most persuasive word that can be used during meeting

The cutlery we use have influence on taste of food

YingXi Corridor of Stone Peaks, China

Beautiful Lavender fields at Farm Tomita, Japan

Daigoji Temple of Japan

Amazing under water roller coaster of Japan

'Raja Ampat' islands of Philipines

The website of Renmin University of China crashed with picture of a female student.

What is 'Bulletproof' coffee?

Schwarzsee the beautiful black lake of Switzerland

Highest Point in Europe, du Midi Chamonix, France

Beautiful 'Landscape Denksiya' of China

Bear lake oldest lake of the Earth

The world's oldest known extradition agreement

Beautiful Etretat of France

Beautiful "Avatar Hallelujah Mountain" of China

Vitamin D helps women with diabetes to lower blood pressure

A hotel in South Korea which is ship shaped

A diet of eating chicken during teenage may reduce the risk of colon cancer

Children learn humor from age two by imitating others

A little raise in weight may even cause a heart attack

Brazilian mother names all his kids with his husband's name

Employees crawl on the road as part of a unique stress management technique in China

The man who created soap with his own body fat

Slow internet added to the list of reasons for family rows

Women prefers younger men while dating online

Watching pornography makes men to cheat their partners

Antidepressants taken during early pregnancy may cause serious heart defects to kids

Narcissists posts frequent updates on facebook and twitter

Women the biggest barrier for their own carrier

Drinking two pints of beer a year can increase cancer risk

What is Developmental Topographical Disorientation, or DTD,?

Lack of sleep in men may cause prostrate cancer

Sleep deprivation a major cause for accidents among young and teens

Food high in omega-3 fatty acid are good for bones

What are Undulatus asperatus ?

Efteling-Fairy Tale Theme park

Often lovers in romantic relationships exhibit fake affection

Men prefers women with more "feminine" facial features for short term fling

Laughter is a good aphrodisiac

Top five regrets of dying people

Helmcken Falls of British Columbia

The 'Butterfly Island of Caribbean and it's origin

Iguazu Falls of Latin America

The Tara River Canyon the Europe's one of the deepest canyon

'What's In My Handbag'

Eating high fructose food may cause liver damage

Crooked forest in Poland

Lake Kawaguchiko on Mount Fuji

Amazing Las Lajas Cathedral

Devil’s Pulpit

Chocolate hills of Bohol, Philipines

Meteora city under the rock towers of Meteora.

'Paradise Island' beautiful island of Maldives

Eating habits of children can indicate the heard diseases they may get later in life.

Exposure to Vitamin D could delay the onset of precocious puberty

'Enchanted river' and the story behind it

Fiss a beautiful small village in Greece known for it's scenic beauty

The Giola- natural lagoon formed by sea

White temple of Chiang Ra,Thailand

Copper piping in the house reason for bad hair

What is juvenile arthritis?

Eating Goan Frog can cause Cancer

Diabetic patients can now have only one injection per year

Having good looks can assure you a job

Majority of employees use their office times for doing personal work too.

Women on birth control pill prefers less masculine men for date

Ecohabs in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia- a unique way to connect to nature