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Majority of American women are becoming primary bread winners in their families

Drinking sugar drinks as bad as taking cocaine for teeth

Researchers in Arctic discovers a woolly Mammoth with blood still flowing

A spoonful of beer can make us happy

People who had their surgery during weekend may have more chances of death

Do finger nails grow after death?

Common pain killers can increase the chances of heart problems

What men and women prefer in their potential date?

Fastest face transplantation ever received by a Polish man

What is 'bubble tea' and it's origin?

Women more stressed at work place than men

Stressful jobs makes women difficult to find their partner.

Why watching television and working on computer causes lack of sleep?

Taking 'smart drugs' cane be dangerous to the teens in their long run

What is Menorrhagia ?

Women get more depression than men due to various conditions

Michael Owens invented an automatic glass bottle manufacturing machine

History of 'Soft drinks'

French novelist and playwright Balzac used to drink as many as 50 cups of coffee a day

Finland the most coffee drinking nation of the world

Caffeine is, according to New Scientist, the planet's most popular "psychoactive drug."

A device that can detect bombs minutes before explosion

Scientists develops a skin for Robots which feel the touch

Using Smartphones saves at least one hour a day in your life

An American company is in the process of producing plant based eggs.

What is a 'Haiku' poetry?

The Capitol Records Tower- world's first circular office building

Chinese man who carries home on his back

The first woman who performed dare devil stunts over Niagara falls

Most visited US president's burial site

Who was David Koresh and his Waco cult?

Health experts now recommend the 'movement lifestyle' approach over the 'structured exercise'

What is Lethologica ?

Carrot is believed to originated in Afghanistan

General 'Stonewall Jackson who has two burial sites one for his arm and for his body

Who are Leprechauns?

Venomous snail of the world

Who invented Saxophone?

Honey bees trained to detect explosives in Croatia

Sleeping alongside a newborn may increases the chances of child's death five times

Victorian people used to be more smarter than their counterparts

Young speakers aged 18 or under use the word 'like' more often then the speakers who are over 70

Most pregnant women suffer from constipation, diarrhea or other bowel disorders

"Black berries" A boon

Benjamin Franklin wanted to make this bird as national bird of USA

A Holstein's spots are like a fingerprint. No two cows have exactly the same pattern of spots.

The longest recorded flight of a chicken is thirteen seconds

Bees have been producing honey for at least 150 million on this Earth

Geese will return to it's birth place for mating

American President with no formal education

What is Schizoid personality disorder?

Bay of Fundy is the highest tides in the world

Rat free nation of the world

Origin of phrase 'raining Cats and Dogs'

'Hooded Piohui' the only poisonous bird in this world

Largest Crab in the World

How much lipstick do women consume in her life time?

What is a Ouija board?

Only Dog breeds whose tongue is black in color

Retirement can affect have strong effect on physical and mental health of an individual

Ancient fossil creature named after Hollywood actor Johnny Depp

10 percent of the people die world wide due to passive smoking

What is orthorexia nervosa?

Foods having Anthocyanins are good for Arthritis

Brain controls which ear to be used for cellphone

Low intelligence quotient (IQ) has higher risk of schizophrenia

H1N1 virus first appeared in Seals

.President Reagan’s favorite Jelly Belly flavor was licorice.

Origin of tooth paste from early history

The longest fifteen letter word with out repeating letters

What is MPS or Mucopolysaccharidoses?

Depression once treated can come back later in life called as relapse of depression

Women need more calcium during perimenopausal years

Largest meteorite on Earth surface

Mt. Everest ice shrinking slowly

Who are 'Fat Boys'?

North Pole is shifting to East because of global warming

World's fastest Robot

What was the original name of 'Bank of America'?

Which is the only domestic animal not being mentioned in Bible?

Preying Mantis can speak like humans?

Only Animal species whose evidence is accepted in American court

Onion cell is like an atom bomb?

Novel coronavirus could be a new threat to world

UN suggests to rely on insect diet to beat world hunger rates

A chemical present in Pizza seasoning could reduce Prostrate cancer

Visiting a doctor is a first step for diagnosis of Crohn's disease

A microchip to restore brain memory could be a reality in future

People posses lack of trust, empathy and low relations with partner when having a phone in their vicinity

New 'Super Wheat' which could give 30% more yield

A pacemaker- 'care link' sends SMS when in need for heart patients

People doesn't like being 'Fat-talker'

CO2 emision has reached highest mark in millions of years

MRI scans affects tattoos

Eating foods having nicotine may reduce Parkinson's disease

Ancient Chinese staple food used to be Sago palm

Eating spicy meals in diet could reduce triglyceride levels

Food sensitivities can exhibit ADHD symptoms

What are Plantar warts?

'The Greater Wax Moth' is the World's most extreme hearing living being

'Reaper spiders' from Brazil could be a good source of anti venom vaccines