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What is Glasgow Coma Scale or GCS ?

Women are becoming slimmer, taller due to having less kids

Men with a 10 day beard are attracted by women more

UK scientists trying to produce hornless Cows by a technique called gene editing

Anti- depression drugs causes priapism

Medicine Chantix (varencline) causes strange dreaming

What is ankylosing spondylitis?

Add fiber rich foods in diet to keep diabetes in control

Acne is one of the most common dermatological diseases

Best places to travel alone for men

Experts say HIV in England can be stopped with an a generation

Firstborn children had healthier diets than second or third born

Cancer is going to become a life threatening disease for most of the Latin American countries

Drinking a can of sugary soft drinks can increases chances of diabetes in later life

Coffee drinking helps to reduce bleeding in the brain

Fruit eating bats are known to perform oral sex on their females as foreplay

3,000-year-old remains of 66 people in a cave in Sumatra.

Ancient Europeans vanished some 4,500 years back

Wearing free dresses like kilt can enhance quality sperm in men

Two headed piglet from China

Fundawear by Durex

A duck that produce 24 chicks at one time

The Siberian Marathon- the extreme marathon on Earth

Air freshener out of cow dung

Birth month may affect Multiple sclerosis

What is Rosacea?

Majority of the people doesn't want to include their boss in their facebook friends list.

Superfast KALQ going to replace QWERTY key pad

Gum diseases associated with rheumatoid arthritis

Low fat milk is known to cause obesity in young kids

Yellow tree house in New Zealand

What is Deep vein thrombosis?

Origin of symbol 'power'

Australia was the first country to administer HPV vaccinations to girls as young as 12

People are happier when they feel they enjoy more sex then their friends do

Oldest purse founded in Germany

Ice houses- the refrigerators in olden days before it was invented

Ginkgo biloba the widely known health supplement is known to cause cancer

Super-grip plaster for surgical wounds inspired by parasitic worm

Do eating chocolates causes acne?

Fast resting pulse may also indicate death

Majority of American are in favor of legalizing the marijuana drug

More American women are choosing cohabitations than to marriage

American teens are prone to heart diseases because of their dietary habits

Virus that causes cold sores may cause memory loss

French men's sperm rate is decreasing rapidly

What is Patellofemoral pain syndrome?

Origin of speedbumps

Troodon- a bird like Dinosaur which incubates its eggs

Mediterranean diet (MeDiet) is controls hyperuricemia in women

What is 'Raw foodism' or 'Rawism' ?

Sarah Darlin'g lost ring has made a homeless man get money

Tokyo's coffin apartments

Aye aye - the largest nocturnal primate

Circumcision in men reduces the risk of AIDS

Derwege- the Door to Hell

What is Chinese Nominal Age system?

"The Golden Harvest" a film released much later after Lee's death

Invention of stethoscope

Condom ambulances in Sweden

What is Electronic Muscle Stimulation?

Majority of the girls are not happy with their appearances

A test of hair strand could tell about possible cardio vascular diseases

Coffee is good for many health problems

Men don't understand the emotions reading women's eyes

Too much texting makes people narrow minded

Majority of the people are not comfortable discussing about their salary and vacation

Western style diet linked to premature ageing and death

HPV is known to cause lung cancer

Natural intake of Selenium can reduce the risk of advanced prostrate cancer in men

Eating sugary snacks helps people with bi polar disorder to ease from depression

Processed meat from fast food restaurants can cause severe health problems like cancers

Food with cooked with Sesame oil and rice bran oil is known to reduce high Blood Pressure

DASH diet is good for hypertension, obese and cardiovascular diseases

Spanking, slapping, and hitting could lead to mental dis orders in adult hood

What causes eye floaters?

Excessive Calcium supplement may result in heart attacks and strokes

Vitamin D is good for white women to get pregnant

Young kids who watch TV for more than three hours develop anti social behaviors

A new study shows pregnant mothers' should start cancer prevention techniques even before girl is born

Do bikini waxing causes STI?

A hotel where Sushi is served on naked bodies of men and women

Keeping a count of your diary intake can reduce your body weight

Exercising and monitoring your weight regularly could reduce weight more