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A Serbian woman who views everything in reverse direction

Hairless genital could increase skin infections

Chotu- a boy in Eastern India drinks Dog's milk

Elephant massage in Thailand

Norway sea experienced thousands of dead fish on shore

A climbing perch in the mouth of a 12 year old boy

Alpine Finger Wrestling in Bavarian region of Schnaitsee

A young California girl receives cash prize for discovering a cancer treating 'Nano' particle

Country with highest homicide rate

Moscow artists turning old apartments into art galleries

"Pokertox" for gaining chance of winning in cards game

72 year old model for women's fashion dresses

"I Save You" electric car - a shock absorbing car designed for old

Annual lying competition held at UK

The 'El Diablo' restaurant which serves food cooked on geo thermal energy

A culvert made of old cars in Montana

The “eternal flame falls”

Poison Garden in UK

A Tiger as a pet in South Africa

Angry bird debit cards in a Russian Bank

A 63 year old woman has given birth to sea creatures in her mouth

Learning mandarin with sexy teachers

A 95-year-old Chinese woman survived after death

Lizard in Australia plays video game

A Chinese company sells 'Iphone Stoves'

Australia has become the first country in the world to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes.

Well educated guys as calendar guys

Bald Logo-selling scalp space for advertisements

Snake Village in Thailand

History of 'Musical Saw'

Horses Inside Out

Cuddle workshops in UK

Fireworks funeral for pets

History of Glass Beach of california

The famous sculptures of Lidice, a small village in Czechoslovakia

'Face-Kini' -A suit for complete protection from UV rays on beach

Huangluo Yao village- where Women with long hair are found

Markus Kayser who invented devices using natural resources like sand and sSun light

"Ostrich people" of zimbabwe

A Submarine can detect the smallest sounds made by sea animals

Diamonds are not the hardest substaance

A spray that makes flowers to glow in dark

Lickable elevator by McVitie's Jaffa Cakes

A school for stressed out kids in Germany

A man Alexey Bykov fakes his death to propose his girl friend

Hot Tub Cinema is growing popular in UK

The Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme- festival for death escapers

Old telephone booths in UK turning to book libraries

The Book that can't wait- the letters disappear if you dont read it and open

Chinese IKEA show room open to enjoy the furniture freely rather than buying

Edinburgh Zoo has two giant Pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang spend time with people

"Schimpf-los" ("swear away") a hot line service to ease your aggression

Mobile phone throwing competition of Finland

Vertical gardens by Patrick Blanc

Undergarments which neutralizes body odour

Man who wears skirts.

Hangover patch which reduces the hangover caused by alcohol consumption.

Credit caeds may be as dirty as money

The world’s fastest human being

A football that never withers

Ostrich pillow a good way to take a power nap

The explosive material TNT was first used as a dye

80% of antibiotics purchased in US is for the sake of animals

Airless tires by Resilient Technologies

A woman who eats only pizza

A village in Germany where Cancer is more than 50 percent among residents

A channel for dogs by Cox and Time Warner

G-Spirits new brand of alcohol which touched the naked bodies of famous models

Guiness record for having most number of Penguin related items

Women with most number of piercings

World's happiest man is a Tibetan monk

Face yoga which reduces ageing wrinkles

A common man builds a castle in Spain

Sand beds of Batang village of Indonesia

Vivid Sydney the spectacular light festival