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World's first underground railway

Romans belief about Walnuts

The Vikings were great warriors

Peter the Great Lover

Pears and Apples are good for constipation

Windowless Skyscraper in New York

Gaboon viper Fangs are longest

Inventor of toilet paper

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee-the best coffee in the world

Peanut is good for reducing diabetes

Cumin seeds are good for anemic patients

Why junk food will cause you bloat more?

Cotton worn only by Ancient Egyptian priests

Mules are lucky for American wars

Avoid chocolates during PMS

Calcium supplement foods for lactose intolerance people

What is Samhainophobia?

When was Hypodermic needle invented?

Who got for patent for paper clip?

Who first started labor day?

Pollution caused by household is more than farming

Japan a country of workaholics

What does spot on 7UP bottle indicate?

Where was wind mill first originated?

Social network for the sake of reducing pollution in China

Getting frequent cold may indicate stress

Oregano leaves are good for many health reasons

Acupuncture reduces pain

Who invented Western Electric invented the loudspeaker which was initially called "loud-speaking telephone."?

Where do you find topless sales women?

Cable cars in San Francisco

Blue color potatoes are good for brain

Eating eggs make you slim

Salads make you feel contended

Why drinking Green Tea reduces body weight?

IVF may affect child's size

Colorado river to dry in future

Which was the first Asteroid discovered?

Who were 'Wheaties Quartet’ ?

Kalanchoe Pinnata a remedy for high blood pressure

Which is the first marine plant listed as endangered?

Mollusks are a good food for brain

95% of patients with high blood pressure have ‘Primary Hypertension’

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)?

What is a Cosmic Year?

Only creature killed by a metor

Swiss Chard is a good mood booster

Honey reduces inflamation

Stanol esters and sterol esters are good dietary supplements for heart

What causes bloating after meal?

Leonardo Da Vinci discovered age of trees using tree circles

Family of cannibals once lived in Scotland

Ships named after famous American Presidents

Having regular sex keeps you young

Hawaii mountains may become flat in future

What is varicose veins?

What is Periodontitis?

Eating Salmons is good for health

Bed wetting is genetic

Oldest timber construction in the world

Avoid eating farmed salmon

Tomato along with Olive is good for absorbing lycopene

Sex reduces stress.

Men with more number of male siblings are fertile

Taking a nap in the afternoon boosts our memory and makes us fresh

Women's feels less depression when had sex without condom

Egyptians treatment for loosing sight

Cow's saliva is anti biotic

What is a Archimedean screw?

Working night shifts may causes many cancers in men

Speed bump test predicts likelihood of acute appendicitis.

Bad habits can take off 30 minutes of your life every day

What is Lynch syndrome?

Microbes responsible for mass destruction of life millions of years ago

According to a study found that 15 percent of respondents would rather go without sex than without their iPhones.

Men would like to date their female friends, even though in a romantic relationship

Watching porn may result in short term memory loss

Beer drinkers are likely to involve in casual sex

Collard greens increase bile acid binding,

Patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes die early those who eat less salt

Women treated for high blood pressure during pregnancy leads to higher risk of ADHD.

Women have the ability to enjoy multiple orgasms.

When was saccharin discovered?

Why Aztecs referred avocados testicles?

According to Brit women manly men are going to extinct

Men are poorer in wrapping gifts

Why Monday mornings are dozier?

How does a Shaduf works?

What is Pasteurization and who invented it?

When was first Cheese made

Inventor of Milking machine

Inventor of Combine Harvester

More women live hundred years than men

Chest compression is the best way to save a cardiac arrest victim.

Crossing road while texting is dangerous

A compound present in Brocoli and other cruciferous vegetables prevents leukemia

Coffee reduces mouth cancer

How do loud speaker works?

How does a toaster works?

Da vinci's plan of submarine came much before it was inventedDa vinci's plan of submarine

What does bright colours of Wasps indicate?

We print images with just four colors only