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Using weared of cellphones may cause metalic allergies

Cosmetics contain many chemicals

Kids who grew up happily at young age earn lot of wealth in later life

Kerosene lamps produces more carbon than burning wood

What is hypertension?

Watch your urine to know whether you are properly dehydrated

Infections of mother during pregnancy may lead to increased chances of autism in kids.

Don't ignore TIA or transient ischemic attack

Researchers have found that — despite some bad habits — the brain is at its peak in later old years

What is a mirror neuron system?

Over stress can cause shrinkage of the hippocampus

Ghrelin a hunger hormone makes you to eat more

Brisk walking for up to 75 minutes per week can increase your life expectancy by 1.8 years, according to a new study.

Vitamin D supplements may lower children's risk of respiratory infections

Types of precocious puberty

New source of energy from plant microbe reactions

whales use synchronized swimming while in threat

Mediterranean-type diets is good for health

Exercise has been good for many health problems

Spitting buck droppings competition of South Africa

Bosnian men's pilgrimage to Mecca on foot

English couple staying in a cemetery in Southampton.

World's strongest beer is Armagedon

What is mankini?

Studies have linked eating fast with obesity. So take a 30-minute break, walk away from your desk, and enjoy lunch, it will reduce chances of getting obese.

Child hood vaccines may cause autism

Suicide can be contagious at times.

White Vinegar is good for Celiac disease

Global warming resulting in causing more allergies.

Smoking can cause sagging of breasts

What is Radiocarbon dating ?

Mom word used along with word bad while searching on internet

What is Pulmonary hypertension?

Coldest place in the universe is known inside the Boomerang Nebula

Dry cleaning industry is causing many diseases and environment pollution

Haphazard disposal of these syringes is putting a lot of other people at risk

People who drink up to 34 ounces of water a day are 36 percent less likely to develop diabetes, says a French study.

Argentinian women gave birth to twins with the help of frozen eggs which she stored 12 years ago

Women masturbating helps in cervical infection and urinary tract infection

two-third of the species that live in the world's oceans are completely unknown

Greenland is loosing glacier at a faster rate than never expected

Why consumption of excess salt leads to kidney stones and osteoporosis?

Studies show that Tri Proteolytic Enzymes also known as Systematic enzymes starts declining in production after age 25 lowering body's defence mechanism against inflammation which causes pain.

Himalayan salt is considered purest salt found on Earth uncontaminated by pollutants retains its natural pink color and all 84 elements found in human body.

Hysterectomy can advance onset of Menopause a bit earlier

Bowel training is a good method for reducing constipation

To reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS),

Vitamin supplements neither harm nor help

Stress is comparable to other traditional risk factors

Sex getiing old with age is a big myth

Men and women enjoy best sex in their 30s

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in USA

Transcendental meditation is good for depression

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS is very good treatment for depression

Eco-friendly Jewellery out of fish skin

What is a mammogram test?

Allergy to milk has becoming more among kids

Pistachios as good as almonds

Addiction to exercise is a positive addiction

People with multiple sclerosis tend to commit suicide

Older people living close to high pollution may get cognitive disability

Lawrence Craven discovered aspirin's anticoagulant property

Eating broccoli or cabbage reduces cancer in women

Origin of name of Earth

Men and women nag for different reasons

The company 'Mosanto' is responsible for fertility problems of many peoples

Happiness rises after reaching age 45 and keeps growing after that

Why do people get older?

Aspirin is known to reduce heart attacks significantly

Alcohol related deaths are becoming more

How much is moderate alcohol consumption for a day?

Seven-year-old Andriy Kostash record break of push ups

Nobel prize winner Madam Curie has performed her experiments with radio active material so much that even note books which she used that time is having the radio magnetic radiation

There is a small trick if you want elevator not to stop at any floor, just press the floor number and door closing button simultaneously for some time.

In Japan if any person commits suicide on railway track,inside the train or jumping out of running train , his family has to pay approximately 961633 Yen (12034 US Dollar) to the government as fine.

Avshalom Cave of Israel

Women are at high risk of heart attacks due to various conditions

Monitor the symptoms of Ulcerative colitis

Bonad paintings of Sweden found to contain toxic substances

Head injury followed by living in vicinity to usage of pesticide paraquat aids Parkinson's disease

Ice field on Kilimanjaro will disappear completely by 2060

Recent China earth quake may ba after shock of 1976 earth quake

Vitamin D deficiency is raising among youths with changing life styles

Andropause or Viropause is a condition of male menopause

Red beach in Panjin City China on the bank of the Liaohe River

Hanging tents of Mountain resorts ,Germany

Purses carry potentially risky bacteria and other pathogens

Aerobics is good for depression

Bamboo is becoming scarce resource for Panda

The condition of teeth and gums is associated with a host of other health issues that involve your hormones and your heart, and your dental needs can change from decade to decade.

Apple Cider Vinegar reduces heart burn effectively

Ginger is good for muscle pains

Who were pantomimes?

Roman Emperor Augustus was extremely superstitious. He always put on his right shoe first because he believed that left was unlucky. Strangely, the Latin word for ‘left’ was ‘sinister’!

Exercise can reduce hunger levels

Teenage Nigerian girls invents generator which runs on human urine

According to U.K. researchers taking a multivitamin could make you a better multitasker.

The SWAN has over 25,000 feathers in its body.

SNAILS have 14175 teeth laid along 135 rows on their tongue.

In South Africa, ceremonies may include the 12 symbols of vital importance to African life.

Regular drinking of black tea reduces type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome

Regular drinking of black tea reduces type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome

Adderall (amphetamine and dextroamphetamine) does not cause forgetfulness.

Endermologie is a massage therapy for cellulite

Multiple sclerosis affects cognitive impairment

Schizophrenia patients will never let their suicidal intentions

Patients with obsessive-compulsive are more morale in thoughts

Peripheral arterial disease, or PAD, affects an estimated 10 million Americans and increases the chance of death

Exposure to Cigarette Smoke cause harmless Staphylococcus Aureus to harmful

Grape seed extract is effective against Norovirus

Men and women have similar interest in visual sex

According to a Finnish study lifting weights 3 times a week can spike testosterone levels 49 percent and boost your sex drive.

Metabolic Syndrome can be dangerous if not controlled timely

Drinking more water than required can cause trouble to the body

Stressful situation may take 10 years off your life