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Women can't do pull ups as men do

Single meal of junk food can give heart problems in later life

Painless easily removal surgical tape

Women who are exposed to violence in their early life will go for risky sex

Cichlid fish can see infra red rays

Scientists discovers tool that can predict river floods

Box Jelly fish can predict cyclone and can flee the sea before it occurs

Over active bladder has to be monitored and addressed with treatment if necessary

Smoking and drinking habits can adversely affect cardiovascular disease

According to a recent study fish oil may prevent breast cancer progression.

Shellfish may contain toxins which may ve deadly at times

Eating nitrate-rich foods like spinach and strawberries improves breathing during workouts.

Causes of Cellulite and tips to prevent it

The Milky Way Galaxy is so named because the ancient Greeks thought it was made from drops of milk from the breasts of the Greek goddess Hera

In Hong Kong, one can get a degree in Bra Studies from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University where they teach you how to design and build a bra.

Breast implantation may lead to suicide tendency in women

The Australian Fertility Stone

The Cedar Tree of the End

The English word "thug" is derived from the word "Thugee"

Who are Ghouls?

Chinese Guardian Lions

Prayer Wheels of Buddhists

Monuments Built by a God

Who was Baron Samedi?

Angina need not be a heart attack but needs medical attention

Formaldehyde and several other contaminants found in day care centres

Why vegetarians has lower chance of Cancer attacks?

Toxins in plastics linked to obesity and belly fat

Rheumatoid arthritis also causes extra-articular manifestation.

Tips for under- eye bags

Global warming is forcing the Arctic ground to release tons of Carbon stored in it.

Hunting in Africa putting lots of wild animals into endanger

Warmer oceans will cause Phytoplankton to thrive near the poles and shrink in equatorial waters.

Archaeologists have uncovered the tomb of a very early Mayan ruler

Marathon run by Kelcey Harrison for cancer awareness

Whole grain diet is good for immune system during seasonal change

Alicia Richman- Guinness record for donating breast milk

What is precocious puberty and it's causes?

What is post-coital dysphoria?

According to a research the sea bed in the Arctic deep sea is increasingly growing with litter and plastic waste.

Dog's catches human yawns

How long men's fertility will remain?

Mindless activities will improve creativity

Archer fish catches its prey using water dynamics

According to a research in just 1000 years when first modern humans arrived in Europe ,Earth's magnetic field reversed extremely rapidly and completely.

Healthiest animals to eat- Chinese Space Program

Triclosan is an ingredient present in many house hold products is very harmful

Madagascar's palm trees are at extinction

Latest size of World's glaciers

No native life found in Lake Vostok in Antarctica

Adding a multivitamin to your diet if you’re a man over 50 could reduce your risk of cancer.

Gluten sensitivity causes and symptons

Intermittent Fasting is a good way to reduce excess body weight

What is Chimera?

White Whales able to make human like voices

Sweden's only remaining cold-water coral reef, the Säcken reef in the Koster Fjord, is under threat of extinction.

Eating more legumes is good for diabetes and heart diseases

What is Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic fever?

Eco friendly tyres

Baltic sea marine environment at threat due to climate change

Air conditions consume one third of electricity during peak summer

Beetles make dung balls like an air conditioning unit,

Sleeping pattern art by robots

Laziness can kill

Dark meat contains a nutrient- taurine which protects women from heart diseases

BOTOX can be used for treating incontinence in women

Going a road trip will improve couples relationship

Anti-gravity yoga has become a latest trend

Menopause increases bely fat,not overall weight gain

Silvery fish maintains high reflectivity to help them conceal from predators.

Home remedies for reducing under eye dark circles.

Only three eggs can be eaten per week

Rice crop yields to global warming- due to green house gases

Breast feeding reduces breast cancer in women

A device that helps stutters to speak fluently

A new study from Sweden's Karolinska Institute suggests that an artist's creativity may be linked to his or her mental illness.

Weight transfer a main reason for seniors to fall

How safe is pop corn diet?

Greek yogurt’s nutritional superiority has helped elevate the dairy dish to super food status in the U.S.

Razor burn causes prevention and treatment.

A temple for Bullet in Rajasthan, India

New Eggs For Old Medicine in Thailand

Hi-tech allergy for Phil Inkley

Colorful corn ears of Peru