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The world record for the longest gap between one twin being born

The theory that Yellow Fever was transmitted by mosquitoes was confirmed in 1900 by American physician Jesse William Lazear

'Blood Falls' is a bizarre feature on the Taylor Glacier in Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valleys

Lieutenant Colonel Jack Churchill held the unusual distinction of being the only British soldier in WWII on record as having killed an enemy soldier with a longbow.

The loneliest creature on Earth is probably a whale who has been swimming the Pacific ocean for at least 12 years,

US President Thomas Jefferson hated formality so much that one time, when he received an official visit by a British minister, he greeted him wearing his pyjamas.

Jockey Frank Hayes holds the dubious distinction of being the only jockey to have won a race while dead.

The world record for the longest carrot ever grown is held by Joe Atherton of Nottinghamshire,

It costs the US Mint approximately 1.5 cents to make every 1 cent coin and approximately 6 cents to make the nickel, worth 5 cents.

Dutchman Wim Hof is known as The Iceman,

The Dutch village of Giethoorn has barred cars from the village - for the simple reason that it has no roads. Instead, everything is connected by water, and the only way to get around is by boat.

The Ford Pinto is a classic compact car of the 70s.

Fred and Wilma Flintstone were the first couple to be shown in bed together on a prime time television show, during the cartoon's original run between 1960 and 1966.

The Welsh hold the record for the number of people dressed up as Smurfs at any one time - 2,510, in 2009.

For Italian marathon 'Dorando Pietri' it was a wrong way to Olympic track"

When footballer Stefan Schwarz signed for Sunderland in a record transfer for the club in 1999, it was explicitly written into his contract that he was forbidden from travelling into space.

The amount of land used for golf courses in the United States of America takes up almost as much land as the states of Delaware and Rhode Island combined.

"History of Lamborghini cars"

The art of Grafiti dates back thousands of years.

. In 1950, Zenith created the world’s first ever television remote control, called ‘Lazy Bones.’

Young Ed Miliband could solve a Rubik's Cube in just over a minute that too single handed.

In October 1989, $10,000 worth of frozen bull semen and embryos was stolen from the dairy building at California Polytechnic University.

The longest word in the English language has 189,819 letters.

"Chinese couple underwent plastic surgery to look similar before their marriage"

A shocked Humboldt penguin has died of a heart attack when thieves tried to kidnap it from its zoo enclosure in Cuxhafen, Germany.

A teenage girl is auctioning her virginity on the internet because she doesn't want to lose it to anyone she loves.

A new study has found that playing the piano can have positive effects on the region of the brain that governs memory and navigation.

"Men are likely to lie more than women"

"A ballpoint pen that treat arthritis"

A new study has shown that chocolates and red wine cannot cut heart risk.

Acordding to a study when learning a new art giving breaks makes us to learn quickly.

Social networking sites have made it easier to find and chat up an ex, with 74% of women using Facebook to link up with an old lover.

According to a study at least 21% of Brits admitted ,

What is renal de nervation?

According to a research The elusive 'Dark Lady' of Shakespeare's sonnets might be an unfame lady,Clerkenwell prostitute.

A new smartphone case, made up of same material as Nasa spacecraft, claims to reduce cellphone radiation and cancer risks as it cuts the exposure by up to 95%

According to a study lack of adequate sleep could lead to "more aggressive" form of breast cancers while increasing the likelihood of its recurrence.

According to a research by the Sleep Council seven to 14-year-old children go to bed almost 40 minutes later than their grandparents.

"Pomegranate is good for men"

Almost 40% of the current male population is reported to suffer from problems relating to infertility.

In the Caribbean, there are tropical oysters and fish called mud skippers, which live in mangrove swamps and climb trees!

A type of deep-sea clam from the north Atlantic grows to a length of just 8 millimetres (1/3 of an inch) in 100 years.

Leeches have 32 brains

The paradoxical frog, which lives in South America, is larger when it is a tadpole than full-grown frog!

The Polynesian skink has a bright blue tail. If the skink is attacked, it sheds its tail and runs away.

A python can live for a year without eating any thing.

An Asian salamander, frozen in ice in Siberia for 90 years, walked away after it was defrosted.

"A spray to keep fruits fresh"

"Lesbians are more likely to resort to drugs"

"Poor people are less likely to give up bad habits"

"Roughness of teeth depends on diet what we eat"

"Cancer causing chemical found in tobacco"

"Consuming alcohol along with some medicines will cause liver damage"

"Feast of the Ass"

"Night of the Radishes"

Tibetan New Year

Dosmoche -- Tibetan Celebration of the Dying Year

"La Befana Italy's Santa Claus"

Midvinterblot of Sweden

"Winter Solstice of Scotland"

"Hari-Kuyo- Japanese Festival of needles"

State with the highest percentage of people who walk to work: Alaska

Men can read smaller print than women; women can hear better.

King Louis XIX ruled France for a total of fifteen minutes.

You can tell a turtle's sex by its sound. Males grunt, females hiss.

Malaysians protect their babies from disease by washing them in beer.

The kangaroo cannot jump if its tail is lifted off the ground.

The only animal with a straight backbone is the camel.

The octopus's testes are located in its head.

Spanish word "esposa" means both "wife" and "handcuff".

The snow carnival scheduled for May 1, 1953, in Sheridan, Wyoming, was canceled because of too much snow.

Of the many thousands of mammal species in the world, 1/4 are bats.

In Oklahoma, it is against the law to get a fish drunk.

In New Jersey, it's illegal to have sex with the lights on.

More Americans die at 9 a.m. on Monday morning than at any time during the week.

Cranberries' skins are so tight that they actually bounce and may be dribbled like basketballs.

On Tahiti, high tides occur every day at noon and midnight, regardless of where the moon is.

Only country to change its Capital City's name with anagram

Polar bears are the only mammals with hair on the soles of their feet

On Pitcairn island it is a criminal offense to shout "Ship Ahoy" when there is in fact no ship in sight

According to ancient Chinese astrologers, 70% of omens were bad

Queen Anne was buried in a square coffin.

The White House was painted white to cover the marks left when the British army set fire to it during the war of 1812

The first car ever to be stolen was a Peugeot (in 1896)

Cat spent nine days on a tree, before bringing down

"History of Carbohydrates"

"Lack of sleep will add fat around women's waist"

In 1892, john Froehlich from USA built the first practical tractor with an engine that can run with petrol.

Before railways, canals were built to carry cola to factories and towns. Between 1760 and 1840, almost 7000 km of canals were built in Britain.

"Segway Human Transporter was invented by 'Dean Kamen' who has filed a patent for it in 1999.

The first vacuum cleaners were so big that they were taken door to door for hire

In 1846 two desert snails were given to a museum. Staff assumed they were dead and glued them to a display board

A rattlesnake’s venom stays poisonous for up to 25 years after the rattlesnake has died.

The total weight of all the earthworms in the USA is about fifty times the total weight of all the human beings who live there.

In just ten years, a poisonous spider called the false widow has colonized southern England. It arrived in bunches of bananas, and warm weather has allowed it to survive.There are now tens of thousands running wild!

The largest known spider was a goliath birdeating spider found in Venezuela in 1965. It measured 28 centimetres (11 inches) across!

The hyena is the only wild animal that doesn’t catch rabies.

An octopus will eat itself if it becomes extremely stressed.

An Indonesian pig called the babirusa has long curved horns that grow up from its nose.

Swiss vets have found that dogs are suffering from stress more and more

The only animals that can recognise their own reflections in a mirror (besides humans) are the great apes, dolphins and elephants.

Tortoiseshell cats are usually female, but if they are born male, they’re almost always sterile.

Scientists using genetic engineering techniques have made a ‘mighty mouse’ that can run at 1.2 kilometres (0.75 miles) per hour for 4.8 kilometres (3 miles).

Albatrosses get seasick if kept on a boat.

Scientists in Florida, USA, fitted an injured dolphin with a rubber tail after her real tail was amputated following an accident

A German aquarium plays love songs to its sharks in an attempt to get them to mate.The technique has also been tried with pandas and monkeys

In ancient Egypt, the onion was a symbol of eternity because it is a circle‐within‐a‐circle.

If you need only half of an onion, use the top half. The root will stay fresh longer in the refrigerator

After slicing onions, wash your hands in cold water, then rub them with salt or vinegar. The salt or vinegar will remove onion smells from your hands

Native Americans brought Onions to USA

Sardines live short lives, and grow quite quickly. They can reach a length of about 23cm in two years.

Sardines are filter feeders, sieving plankton from the water as it passes between their gills.

All the sardines in tomato sauce originate from the Cape. Some sardines are processed into fish meal.

Bull sharks are apex predators

Whales are well insulated (blubber), which is good if they're in water, but not if they're beached. It's like having a winter coat in 70 degree weather-

The maximum age for bottlenose dolphins is between 40 and 50 years.

Most researchers agree that dolphins exhibit a level of intelligence greater then that of dogs and even comparable to that of some primates.

The Dolphin respiratory system can renew 90% of its lungs at each inhalation (where only 15% for the human).

A Chicken who has lost its head can run the length of a foot ball ground before falling death.

The Cockroach's favourite food is glue beneath postal stamp.

A Saudi Arabian women get divorcee if her husband doesn't give her cofee.

The Lochness monster of Scotland has been reportedly sighted more than 3000 times.

According to a study when women crave for food they desire chocolates.

Most cats hates water , but Van cat from Eastern Turkey loves to swim in water.

Strawberry is the only agricultural product that bears seeds on the out side.

Sea Turtles often excrete excess salt from their eyes making them look as if they are crying

The life span of a frog is believed to be 40 years

A frog named Santjie in South Africa jumped a distance of 13 feet.

Pigs are the fourth most intelligent animal of this world.

Debby Bear- the bear with lenthiest life span

"Drinking water may reduce head aches"

"Arctic ice could melt in ten years"

"Eating egg yolk can cause heart attacks"

"A chemical found in lipstick can cause heart attacks"

"Mobile phone to get charged from virus soon"

A cotton ball soaked in white vinegar and applied to a fresh bruise will reduce the darkness of the bruise and help it disappear sooner.

To help old wooden drawers (without runners) open and close smoothly, rub a candle on the tracks.

Remove tea or coffee stains from your fine China ware by mixing up a paste of baking soda, lemon juice, and cream of tartar. Rub it over the stains and they will come off easily.

If your milk always goes bad before you can finish it, try adding a pinch of salt to the carton when you first open it. It will stay fresh days longer

To reuse cooking oil without tasting whatever was cooked in the oil previously, cook a ¼ piece of ginger in the oil. It will remove any remaining flavors and odors.

When making a soup, sauce casserole or pan may end up too fatty or greasy, drop in an ice cube. The ice will attract the fat, which you can then scoop out.

If your loaf of bread is starting to go stale, just put a piece of fresh celery in the bag and close it back up. For some reason, this restores a fresh taste and texture to the bread.

Always keep an aloe vera plant in your kitchen. It’s invaluable when you scrape your arm or burn your finger. Just break off a leaf and rub the gel from the inside on the injury.

If your salt is clumping up, put a few grains of rice in it to absorb excess moisture

For aluminum pans that are looking dull, just boil some apple peels in them. This will brighten up the aluminum and make your house smell yummy.

Activated charcoal is much better at absorbing fridge and freezer odors.

Toothpaste is a great silver cleaner, can use it for cleaning silver ornamanets

When defrosting meat from the freezer, pour some vinegar over it. Not only does it tenderize the meat; it will also bring down the freezing temperature of the meat and cause it to thaw quicker.

When you clean your fish tank, the water you drain can also be used to water your house plants. The nitrogen and phosphorus in fish droppings make aquarium water a great fertilizer

After boiling pasta or potatoes, cool the water and use it to water your house plants. The water contains nutrients that your plants will love.

To clean crevices and corners in vases and pitchers, fill with water and drop in two Alka-Seltzer tablets. The bubbles will do the scrubbing.