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Some horseshoe bats in India share their burrows with porcupines.

"The killfish hols breath for so long"

"What is a hairy tongue?"

In the 1700s a Russian woman had 69 children: 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets.

"People watch porn most during winter season"

"Used disposable shaving razors are breeding grounds for bacteria"

"The first autopsy which was broadcasted in television"

"The Kuru unknown disease of New Guinea"

People with the condition Cotard syndrome believe that they are already dead, and are walking corpses.

Anatomist Gunther Von Hagens wanted to buy a Russian sportsman body alive

18th-century Italian scientist Lazzaro Spallanzani often made himself sick to get samples of stomach acid for his experiments.

Some people who have been struck by lightning often develop musical ability which don't have previously.

Ebola fever is a dreadful disease

A traditional treatment for the pain of arthritis is bee venom.

The skin of the eyelid is only 0.5 millimetres (0.02 inches) thick, the same width as a single hair.

Interestingly officials in the Czech capital Prague are creating a dog poop DNA database to crack down on owners who fail to clean up their pet waste.

Heavier women produce brainier children!

Synaesthesia is a condition that flips up how people sense things.They might ‘see’ sounds as colours, or ‘hear’ smells as sounds.

Which came first thicker brain or migrane?

There are several medical conditions that lead people to act like or believe they are wild animals such as wolves.

Dead bodies swell up as they rot, because decomposition produces lots of gas. Some dead bodies burp or fart as they release gas.

"Humans smile even at a bad joke why?"

When we vomit, the muscles that usually push the food down through the gut go into reverse and push it up and out of the mouth.

"Women get better economic out comes through flirting"

"A Britain woman reunites with her family after 34 years through facebook"

"A Russian girl living with cows"

"Pregnant women who work after 8 months is same as smoking which affects kids in same way"

People in some countries would bind their babies’ heads using wooden boards, to make them grow into strange shapes.

Most human mutations happen on the Y chromosome, which only men have.

"What is a tree man's disease?"

"Treating cancer with bubbles"

"Ancient treatment with honey and willow bark"

The human stomach can hold up to 4 litres of partlydigested food.

"What is Xenographic transplants?"

"Casper’s Law of decomposition"

A flea carrying bubonic plague gets blocked up with plague bacteria making it to vomit into the bite it makes in its animal host.

Scientists have recreated the deadly flu virus that killed one per cent of the entire world population between 1918 and 1919.

The human body contains an amazing 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms.

"Soldiers from WW I used in sphagnum moss bandages"

Interestingly some people pay to have their bodies frozen after death in a belief that scientists work out a way to bring them back in to life in future.

Most American fashion models are thinner than 98 per cent of American women.

"Britain' were derived from Spanish"

Tooth farming is an laboratory technique in which scientists take dental stem cells and uses them to grow complete teeth.

Bacteria can survive 10,000 times the dose of radiation which would be sufficient enough to kill a person.

"Treatment with Bacon for Myiasis"

The water in urine comes from the blood. The food and drink which we take go through the gut wall into the blood, and is taken from the blood to make urine.

"What is borborygmus?"

"Chemical from Bullfrog cures MRSA virus"

"Why do girls like pink and red colors?"

"Professional Sword swallowers suffer from sore throats"

The head cut off may remain conscious and able to see for several seconds before dieng.

The un aided human eye, from the ground could be able to see from a dark site, roughly 3,000 to 3,500 stars

"Fastest space vehicle sent from Earth"

"International Space Station (ISS)"

Saturn has a density of 0.7 g/cm3 which would make it to float in water.

One Jupiter “day” is 10 hours it spins so fast, it's oblate and bulges at the equator

"Time required to reach Sun"

Tom Bolton University of Toronto discovered the first blackhole in 1972, while researching on Cygnus X-1.

Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

Out of 20 000 species of bees around the world only two have adapted to life in the Arctic.

The Arctic Tern is known as the world’s greatest flyer. It makes the return trip from the South Pole to the Arctic Circle every year.

The cold desert dwelling Polaris Fritillary butterfly points its open wings to the sun like solar panels to get heat.

A camel spider can move 10 kilometres in an hour.

Artic Ice-fish produce antifreeze proteins to stop their blood from freezing.

The cold desert bird called the Willow Ptarmigan has two layers or feathers. They even have feathers on the soles of their feet!

"Origin of name Kangaroo"

About 5000 species of animals live in hot deserts. Most of these keep cool by spending time underground.

Desert plants have extra long roots. They grow very deep or spread very far to search for water.

At the centre of Greenland, the ice-sheet is up to 3 kilometers thick.

Amazingly Icebergs can travel up to 4,000 kilometres.

The amount of ice in the Arctic has decreased by 14% since the 1970s because of global warming.

Air temperatures in the Arctic have increased by 5 degrees centigrade over the past 100 years.

The toga, the official costume of the Roman citizen, was created using a semi-circular piece of white wool cloth that was about 18H feet in diameter.

Romans used Lead as both a preservative and a sweetening agent.

The Circus Maximus, a theater in Rome, could hold as many as 250,000 spectators. New York’s Yankee Stadium holds approximately 60,000 people.

"Trajan’s Column in Rome"

Women in ancient Rome used to dye their hair with goat fat and beech wood ashes. Red and blond were the most popular colors.

"Only poisonous bird in the world"

"Migrating birds use a scientific technique to save energy while flying"

How much does a Bird's heart beat?

The world's only wingless bird is the kiwi of New Zealand.

A bird's normal body temperature is usually 7-8 degrees hotter than a human's. Up to three-quarters of the air a bird breathes is used just for cooling down since they cannot perspire.

Air sacs may make up 1/5 of the body volume of a bird.

The recent extinct elephant bird of Madagascar laid an egg that weighed 27 pounds.

The egg of the hummingbird is the world's smallest bird's egg; the egg of the ostrich, the world's largest.

The Royal Albatross' eggs take 79 days to hatch.

An ostrich egg needs to be boiled for 2 hours to get a hard-boiled egg.

The most yolks ever found in a single chicken's egg is nine.

The oldest bird was known as an Archaeopteryx and lived about 150 million years ago. It was the size of a raven, was covered with feathers, and had wings.

Coreopsis is called “tickseed. it can be put in the mattresses to keep out bedbugs, fleas, and ticks.

"Yucca species have mutual relationship with yucca moths"

"Cone flowers are good source of drugs"

"Fire weed grows in a burnt land"

Scientists are discovering that some plants can act as pollution regulators. Spiderwort flowers, for instance, change color in response to different levels of pollution.

The sunflower family (Compositae) is one of the largest families of flowering plants. Members of this family are found throughout the world.

"Monarch butterfly larvae feeds only on milkweed"

"Honey bees are color blind"

Every year over 5 billion tons of topsoil are lost because of erosion.

The plant that takes the longest time to flower is the rare Bolivian herb Puya raimondii. The flowers emerge after the plant is about 150 years old, and the plant then dies.

The world's biggest seed is the coco-de-mer nut, which can weigh up to 20kg (45lb).

"Smallest flowering plants"

"World's largest flower"

"Fastest growing plant"

"Oldest living tree"

In a full grown rye plant, the total length of the roots may reach 613 kilometers (380 miles).

One Ragweed plant can release as many as one billion grains of pollen.

Sunflowers have long been used to control weeds in cultivated fields. They produce a natural toxin from their roots that keeps weeds from germinating.

Wheat is the world’s most widely cultivated plant. It is grown on every continent except Antarctica

Roughly 634 gallons of water go into the production of one hamburger

African and Asian women walk an average of 6 kilometres for each trip to get water.

"Water costs is taking much of the expenditure"

A living tree is 75 percent water.

March 22 is World Water Day, as declared by the United Nations.

In 1908, chlorine was used for the first time as a primary disinfectant of drinking water in the United States.

"Who discovered germ theory?"

"Who discovered that Cholera is water borne?"

'Purification methods of water were as old as 4000 years"

The first water pipes in the United States were made from fire charred bored logs.

In Canada and the United States, there are about 1,610,000 kilometres of pipeline and aqueducts, which is enough to circle the earth 40 times.

"The fresh water bodies in Canada"

The Great Lakes contain 18 percent of the world’s freshwater.

Canada has 563 lakes that are larger than 100 square kilometres.

Henderson Lake, in British Columbia, receiving the most annual precipitation in Canada, gets 6,655 millimetres of precipitation each year.

26 percent of Canadians rely on groundwater for domestic use.

"Only 2.5 percent of Earth's water is fresh"

Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, carries the designation M-1, named so because it was the first paved road anywhere.

The term "The Big Apple" was coined by touring jazz musicians of the 1930's who used the slang expression "apple" for any town or city.

The smallest island with country status is Pitcairn in Polynesia, at just 1.75 sq. miles/4,53 sq. km.

The first city to reach a population of 1 million people was Rome, Italy, in 133 B.C. There is a city called Rome on every continent.

Siberia contains more than 25% of the world's forests.

"Tidikelt which didn't received rain for ten years"

The deepest hole ever made in the world is in Texas. It is as deep as 20 empire state buildings but only 3 inches wide.

"Eisenhower interstate system "

"Amazing facts about Amazon river"

More than half of the coastline of the entire United States is in Alaska.

Prairie dogs speak to one another in a complex language which includes nouns and verbs that has different dialects depending on where they’re from.

Baboons are very family-oriented and have conducted “sit-ins,” blocked traffic, and thrown rocks at cars after their youngsters were struck and killed by vehicles.

Orphaned chimpanzees are adopted by their aunts, older siblings, or other members of their tribe who teach them how to find natural antibiotics, avoid poisonous plants, and build tree nests.

Some male frogs in the rainforest, who send messages by drumming with their feet are the sole caretakers of their young. After the mother lays eggs, the father guard s the nest and carries his kids on his back.

Alaskan buffalo have been observed charging down hills and sliding across icy ponds, bellowing with delight, and then climbing back up the hill to do it again.

Wood roaches are monogamous, raise one group of children, and live in one log for their entire life.

Mother squirrels are so protective of their babies that they kick the fathers out of the nests for the spring and summer, but may allow them back to bunk with the family during winter.

Bees alert other hive members to food and new home locations and to conditions within their own hive through intricate “dance” movements.

Chemotherapy chemicals are derived from the chemical weapon known as “mustard gas” used throughout World Wars I and II.

Its still not now 75% of physicians refuse to undergo chemotherapy (but they recommend it to their own patients).

Modern-day blood-thinning drugs are made from a combination of rat poison and pig intestines.

The former chairman of Bayer was found guilty of Nazi war crimes during the Nuremberg trials.

Prescription drugs kill one million Americans every decade.

If we are eating non-organic food, we are probably eating Zyklon B, the chemical used by Hitler to gas Jews to death.

A hundred years ago, only 1 in 100,000 Americans had diabetes and heart attacks were a rarity. Pediatric cancer was almost non-existent.

"Pigeons are considered good parents"

Parrots cannot bear to be alone; While most mate for life, all live in large social groups, sometimes with multiple species of birds.