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"Rocks of Uluru returned as a bad luck"

"Snails with iron scales"

"Stonehenge in England is 5000 years old"

"Global warming can wipe out many species by 2050"

"Growing demand for herbal medicines is putting those plants in risk"

"What is "Hogmanay"?

"Temple of Kukulcan in the ancient Mayan city mimic birds cry when clapped"

"World war II artillery shell exploded as a table leg"

"Sulphites used as preservatives in most foods such as wine and other drinks may cause allergies"

"Drug addiction among young children has become more"

"Women are able to see more color combinations than men"

"Bactrian camel gets UN protection"

"Early menopause may result in heart attack or stroke"

"Snoring people are more likely to affect from rheumatoid arthritis"

"Beer test is the best indicator for both men and women to know about their interest on casual sex"

"Women in top career positions help fellow women to advance their career more than men"

"Majority of women who cheat on their partners never get caught"

"Majority of the women doesn't like to date men with no job"

"England magicians banned from performing the trick of pulling Rabbits from hat"

"Rosslyn Chapel- the first chapel to accept on-line prayers"

"The Emeralds from Spanish galleon, Santa Margarita were found by a elementary teacher"

"Anti-cheating ring for cheating husbands"

"Couples spend sleeping in different rooms to make their relationships stronger"

"Women working in professions requiring them to stand may have babies with small heads"

"Bullied girls at school face health problems in middle age"

"Men feel happy to do housework"

"A shock of electricity to brain could avoid binge eating"

"According to Mcafee more teens are cheating their parents about their on-line activity"

"Second hand smoking in adults could lead to type 2 diabetes"

"Eating pistachios can reduce stress"

"Pregnancy is the cause of more teenage deaths"

"Shedding weight by middle aged men can boost up their sex life"

"A vitamin found hidden in beer can lengthen life span"

"Wild almond seeds oil could fight against obesity and diabetes"

"Ghrelin- hunger hormone induces us to have desserts even after a full meal"

"Women under going IVF at early age may risk breast cancer"

"Stress could lead to Alzheimer's disease"

"Growing women's waist line a concern for their health"

"What is hyper mobility syndrome?"

"Toddler's play equivalent to competitive games which adults play in burning energy"

"Career women in top jobs are the only one getting slimmer"

"Computer games becoming the preferred toys for most of the kids"

"Cockroaches form the important role in the eco system"

"Two out of three people busy to cut down their weight"

"Belief about presence of Heaven and hell responsible for crime rates"

"Obese people tend to feel normal shape in the company of others"

"Working on laptops could result in 'Toasted Syndrome'

"Air craft designer , Alexander de Seversky painful demo about having wooden leg"

" Ferenc Molnar- the play writer's idea to keep away relatives"

"Tiao the chimpanzee who once contested in mayoral election"

"Eskimos depend on Narwhal skin for Vitamin C"

"Skills of Crocodile hunters of South Africa"

"Low levels of naturally occurring steroids ups heart diseases"

"Watching erotic images drives more sexual activity"

"Motivation is the key factor to remember the names of people"

"Majority of women reported that excess body weight impact their lives negatively"

"Hyenas pack can attack even a big animal"

"Bees navigate using magnetic compass in their body"

"Dutch Doctor Willem Kolff designed first artificial Kidney"

"Rudy Garcia Tolson" the athlete with artificial legs"

"Why do we get goosepimple during cold?"

"Emperor Penguin is at risk of extinction"

"Sahara was once green hosting dairy farms"

"Workers perform better with reward than with penalty"

"Pasta from green banana flour- boon for celiac patients"

Eating raisins three times a day may significantly lower postprandial glucose levels

"Women tend to need reading glasses earlier than men due to their arm length"

"Tips In Drafting The Proper Resume Objectives"

"Pool Safety and Children"

"How to Learn a New Language Cheap, Fast, and Easy?"

"Living close to traffic may increase the risk of heart attack"

"Multible births due to IVF may result in death of twins during their first year"

"Respect from peers and colleagues gives more happy than being rich"

"Jelly fish sting can be treated best with hot water than popular myth urine"

"Solar power plane- greening the world "

"Greek author Plato- the perfectionists"

"Explorer who walked 1000 KM to get help"

"How did West Indies got its name?"

"Haitian independence leader- the opener"

"William Wallace" the Scottish rebel

"Waving wall showing the water which we use in our daily life"

"Roof tiles that can control fossil fuel pollution"

"Singapore soon to have solar powered man made trees"

"Smart gadgets are making us to put extra time owrking at home"

"Moderate drinking of alchohol during pregnancy will not affect kids borned"

"Banning TV for kids can restrict them to have physical exercise even"

"What makes spiders more scary?"