"Tokyo once massive destroyed crows in the city"

Earlier in the past Tokyo administration planned to to kill the 37,000-odd crows in the city. The reason being the authorities felt that these birds have become aggressive pecking at pet dogs and attacking kittens and they rip open garbage bags littering the streets with rotten food. Worse and attacking men or women who dare to come near their nests.

They planned to lay traps to lure the crows, which will then be gassed to death with the help of carbon dioxide.

Many rich broad leaf forests have been replaced by sterile single specie cedar, meant to feed the giant industries and massive construction projects.

Such usually unnecessary civil engineering works have damaged homes of many of Japan's native animals and birds of their natural habitat. Specialists say that most crows in Tokyo and other cities have been forced to move from forests, when these disappeared. The bird, starved of its natural food, had to seek shelter in cities, where it found something to eat in garbage cans


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