"Heart attack victims living close to roadways have increased risk"

According to a survey patients who have survived eart attackliving within 100 metres of major roadways face increased risk of death from all causes.

A survey of 3,547 heart attack survivors aged 62 years has shown that those living within 100 meters of roads have a 27 per cent higher risks of dying over 10 years than those living at least 1,000 metres away.

Those living between 100 to 199 metres from roads have 19 per cent increased risks of death. Those living 200 to 999 metres away have a 13 per cent higher risk of death.

This might be due to exposure to a combination of air pollution near these roadways and other exposure, such as excessive noise or stress from living close to the roadway according to findings from Murray A. Mittleman, study author and director of the Cardiovascular Research Unit at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre in Boston.

During the 10 years of the Onset Study, 1,071 deaths occurred: 672 people (63 per cent) died of cardiovascular causes. Cancer was the cause of death for 131 people (12 per cent) and respiratory disease for 45 (4 per cent)


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