"The Diary of Anne Frank"

The Diary of Anne Frank is the biography of Anneliese Marie Frank who died 57 years ago in one of Hitler's death camps. But the diary she left behind still touches millions of hearts around the world. Born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt-an-main, Germany, Anne was a fun loving, outspoken girl. Her father Otto Heinrish who was an officer in the German army during World War I had to move out with his family to Amsterdam when Hitler came to power.

On June 12, 1942 Anne began writing her diary. A slender volume with a red and white plaid cover, it had been given to her by her parents for her 13th birthday. The earliest entries were filled with school life and bubbly classroom gossip.

When her family went into hiding, Anne wrote of the trauma that Jews underwent. When Anne had filled every page of her diary she began writing on loose sheets. Although she faced death she still joked in her diary and dreamt of a life after the war. The diary was her best friend, she always wrote, she let her imagination run free. Anne aspired to write a book to be called The Secret Annexe based on her diary. When she heard the news of the allied landing in Normandy, Anne fantasised about returning to school.

However on August 4 after 761 days in hiding they were discovered and transported to Central Germany where Anne fell victim to typhus and died in the camp. When her father Otto Frank the only one to survive, saw Anne's diary he typed a copy of it and a year later it was published under Anne's title, The Secret Annexe and Anne's wish to become a writer was fulfilled.

"I still believe inspite of everything, that people are truly good at heart", wrote Anne. Anne never lost the capacity to believe, to hope and dream. Although she died young, she lived life to the fullest. Fifty seven years later, Anne Frank still remains in our minds through her enchanting biography The Diary of Anne Frank.



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