"Blue a Florida dog- "Dog Hero"

Two-year-old Blue, a Florida dog, who fought an alligator to protect an elderly woman was honoured for his loyalty with a "Dog Hero of the Year" award announced in Pittsburgh. Ruth Gay, 85 years old, was taking the dog for an evening walk along a canal behind her house when she slipped on wet grass and fell, breaking her nose and dislocating a shoulder.

Blue lay at her side while she called for help. Suddenly the dog growled and ran off sensing an alligator that had climbed out of the canal about 50 feet away, apparently attracted by Gay's calls. Blue fended off the reptile despite suffering numerous puncture wounds to his stomach. When Gay's daughter and son-in-law arrived home about an hour later, Blue led them to where she was lying. The brave hero has survived the alligator attacks despite severe wounds.


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