"Babies who are not comforted after crying tend to feel more stressed"

According to a new research babies who are left to cry by themselves may feel ‘stressed’ even after they appear to settle.

A study has found youngsters who are deliberately left to cry themselves and sleep appeared to settle themselves without being comforted.But, it was found, their hormone levels showed they could remain just as ‘stressed’ by the experience as if they had remained crying.

The method, sometimes called ‘controlled crying’, has been a popular parenting choice, with some believing it trains babies to settle into a routine.

A study by Wendy Middlemiss, researched at the University of North Texas, has now examined the effect of the experience on children and their mothers.

Using babies aged four to ten months, her team monitored the levels of hormone cortisol as they were left to fall asleep without comfort from a carer.



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