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"Radio active substance found in Tuna caught in USA

"Roman emperor Elagabalus used to held dinner with live parrots"

"Ivan the terrible the first emperor of Russia"

"Origin of Boliva's country name"

'George Washington' had his inauguration with borrowed money"

"Napoleon Bonaparte was short?"

"King George III used to speak to angels"

"Hearst castle one of the richest castle in USA"

"Who were 'Resurrection men' and what do they do?"

"Jack the Ripper" killed young women

"Ocean water contains abundant of gold"

"Atlantic was once hot"

"St. Francis treats animals as his brothers"

"Mozart was asked to write his own funeral requiem"

"Salvador Dali has fear of grasshoppers"

"Shakespeare the inventor of words"

"World's first railways were developed during Greece"

London's underground railway system is considered as oldest and largest in the world which started on 10th January 1863.

Malaria means bad air in Italian language as it was once thought will spread through air in marshes.

3 million people die of lung cancer every year and 87 percent of the deaths are caused to smoking.

"Longest duration of Earth quake recorded on Earth"

"Driest place on earth"

Dessert is an area that gets less than 250 millimetres of rain a year, desserts cover around one quarter of Earth's surface.

"Death Valley in California as the name so the place"

Human tongue has 8000 taste buds and it can taste five different tastes sweet, bitter, salty, bitter and savoury.

There are 1000 different kinds of stink receptors in our nose.

The human brain has 100,000,000,000 neurons, 100 billion neurons.

The brain has more connections than atoms in the universe

Patients can under go brain operation under conciousness as brain doesn't feel any pain.

"Jesus was crucified on April 3, 33 AD"

"A man in Australia reveals himself as women after a test long time later"

"Scientists converts DNA in to 'living hard drives"

"A device to communicate with dolphins"

"Men's intention to go for kids and start a family can make them impotent"

"Chlorella is a good detoxifier"

Tsunami travels as fast as jet planes, no one have a chance to escape from it just to surrender for it.

In Atlanta, Georgia it is illegal to tie a Giraffe to the telephone pool or street lamp.

One third of pet owner's turn on radio or TV for the sake of their pets entertainment.

"Sign language to be converted to text "

Vanilla is considered as the favourite flavour for the old, why so?

Scientist have identified only 4000 viruses out of 40,000 that exists on Earth,

Carrots are believed to contain zero weight concious people go ahead and eat lots of Carrots as it is good for eyes too.

Is it true that one third of all German children are on some sort of medication, why is it so?

It is believed that at 40 degree Fahrenheit a person looses about 14.4 calories per hour breathing.

There is a very popular fact circulating on internet that if 'if a monkey steals a golf ball while in play in Tonga there is no penalty'.

There is a popular fact that Donkeys will sink in quick sand but a mule will not, why is it so?

"Babies who are not comforted after crying tend to feel more stressed"

"Beet root juice helps in holding breath longer"

"Celiac disease is caused by gluten"

"High fiber diet leads to Diverticulosis"

"Green tea is good for skin"

"Cosmic dust from space could be a reason for climate change"

"Increase in Ocean salinity is advancing rainfall cycle"

"Himalayas temperature is growing faster than average global temperature"

"Laser technology for recycling used paper"

"Ignoring e-mails is good for heart"

"Hypatia was killed for teaching maths"

"Fibonacci has taken inspiration from Rabbit for his series"

"Scientist's discovery of gene therapy to protect potato crop from fungal attack"

"Who discovered DNA shape?"

"largest muscle in human body"

"Record of sneezing"

"Reason behind saying bless you when someone sneezes"

"How much tears you cry during your life time?"

"Person with longest finger nails'

"Man with 5metre beard"

"Stink bomb from US army"

"Men's brain is heavier than women's"

"Consumption cannabis linked to schizophrenia"

"Wearing tight clothes can damage nerves"

"Breast milk neutralizes HIV virus in kids"

"Young infants can understand what is boring and interesting for them"

"Calcium supplements may risk heart attack"

"The incident behind the invention of telephone"

"Squirrel's help to find a stolen goods"

"A seal saved a dying dog"

"Vegetarianism is good for health"

"The Diary of Anne Frank"

"Sending e-mail is a good stress buster"

"Volkswagen- the one litre car"

"Talcum powder was first used by cavemen"

"Telephone operators once has to be unmarried"

"Thames river once used as a dumping garbage"

"Ancient Inca wedding ceremony tradition"

"Queen Elizabeth I remembering fart"

"French marriage tradition of kissing toes naked"

"Who was the founder of salvation army?"

"French astronomer Adrien Auzout wanted to build 1000 feet telescope"

"Who took the photograph of first atomic bomb detonation?"

"Who was the first person born in Antarctica?"

"Astronomer who discovered most comets and asteroids"

"Record for most murders by an individual"

"Merlion the emblem of Singapore"

'My Last Wish' a "social networking site for dying"

"Taste of pork links with your genes"

"Blue a Florida dog- "Dog Hero"

"Converting waste water into artificial snow"

"Cones are considered cobras of sea"

"What is true Vegetarianism?"

"Origin and father of "thesaurus"

"The Millennium Bridge on river Thames"

"Red meat may cause Alzheimer's disease in older women"

"Social networking sites found from prehistoric times"

"Sleep Apnea linked to cancer"

"Zanzibar the spice island of the world"

"Tristan Da Cunha" "remotest island in the world"

"Smallest island country in the world"

"Oklohama moves up and down during day time"

"Large caves breathe air"

"City of Zion"

"Most volcanic activity occurs in oceans"

"What is the speed of a rain drop?"

"Gaydar is just as quick as blink of an eye"

"Envisat -world's biggest and expensive satellite"

"A Brazilian weight-lifting instructor record of situps"

"St. Patrick's day celebrated for the sake of the patron saint of Ireland."

"Nautilus- the living fossil"

"Mayans introduced picture writing"

"Marie Curie- first women to win noble prize"

"Romanov Dynasty celebrated expensive Easter eggs"

"Haunting ghosts of World War I"

"Bruce the giant gold fish"

"People in Hong Kong catch flu by talking too much"

"Skeleton of woolly mammoth sold for mammoth price"

"Badger- a native animal of Wisconsin"

"Hypertension and BP raising high among youth"

"Eating food high in fructose can reduce our logical thinking

"Tokyo once massive destroyed crows in the city"

"Oldest porn art found in European caves"

"Word decibel was coined in honour of Alexander Graham Bell"

"Holiday merry making makes a lot of garbage in UK and USA"

"Strange squid found in Gulf of Mexico"

"Food made of mustard oil is good for heart"

"Vegetarian's are considered less masculine than non vegetarian's"

People with 50+ years should take statins regularly to prevent heart problems"

"Researchers have found plastic eating bacteria"

"Heart attack victims living close to roadways have increased risk"

"The Children’s Project International (TCPI)"

"End poverty organization working for improvement of poor people's life"

"Greatergood organization's helping hand for poor HIV patients"

Older adults who drank coffee -- caffeinated or decaffeinated -- had a lower risk of death overall than others who did not drink coffe

"Sahayta , a non-profit organization for emotional, social and financial support for cancer patients"