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"Unlucky Julius Caesar ignored his death warning"

"Roman's had a unique style of having food"

"Colosseum in Rome" where death was a game

"Early maturation of girls leads to sexual abuse"

"Feeling of food insecurity may leads to obesity"

"Depressed mothers tend to overfeed kids"

"Roman used toilets long back"

"Oldest murder mystery uncovered in Denmark"

"Paintings of early human beings"

"Oldest human skull ever found "

"Chinese preffering tattos in english"

"Maternal deaths have raised in London"

"Electric stimulation to reduce heart's size in heart patients"

"Liquid device to protect heart from attack"

"Zoo bears survived on buns and cakes in Russia"

"Italian man's suicide to avoid wedding night"

"Coffee is good for heart strokes"

"Heart operation in ankle deep water in China"

"Akwambo (Path-Clearing Festival)"

"Blue berry festival of Alabama"

"Aizu Byakko Matsuri" the festival paying tributes "white tiger band"

"Ak- Sar-Ben" one of the world's largest 4-H live stock show"

"Airing the Classics" which falls on "Double sixth"

"Men like women in red"

"Seasoning in pizza good for prostrate cancer"

"Car that interacts with people"

Pistachios help in useful gut bacterial"

"Best and worst seats in an air plane"

"Camera which describes picture"

"Genetic behaviour behind the good nature of people"

"Individual decision making is better than group"

"Women ahead of men in maintaining romantic relationships"

"Exercise-associated hyponatraemia"

"Women feel more confident when they reach age 30"

"Children like to spend with live animals more than toys"

"Kids with moody behaviour tend to become gamblers in their future lives"

"Hinton St George, a village with more life expectancy"

"Exercise with light weights can be as effective as heavy weights"

"Excessive cola drinks led to the death of a woman"

"World's youngest person to undergo open heart surgery"

"Vitamin D could reduce high Blood Pressure effectively"

"Heart attack grill" where taste worth dying for"

"Memories can be turned on- MIT university"

"Natural licorice as a medicine for sore throats"

"Computer games can make teens out of depression"

"Thinking about death is good for health"

"Avocados are good in fighting against cancer"

"Women with heart problems are likely give birth to girl child"

"Turmeric is good for heart patients who underwent bypass surgery"

"A Chinese man's rose dress for his lover"

"Mahika MAno- A hammock cafe in Japan"

" Villa Escudero the water fall restaurant"

"A device that will warn the heart attacks- AngelMed"

"The reason behind temptation of certain people"

"Being true to self at office is not good for career"

"Gene variation behind forming kidney stones in some people"

"Higher education and good job results in good health"

"Oranges are good for keeping sperm quality in men"

"Shiny skin with egg,lemon and tomato"

"What must be the speed of a space vehicle?"

"Cigarette smoking emits so much radiation"

"What is brain freeze"

"Kea bird of New Zealand depend on car for food"

"Violin is made up of pieces of wood"

Serbia once used tea as money"

"Famous Greek heroes with epilepsy"

"All the ducks of USA belongs to same parents"

"All the ducks of USA belongs to same parents"

"What is Fosbury Flop?"

"When was the first modern olympic games held?"

Which was the first program to be broadcasted in radio?"

"Who was the first woman parachutist?"

"first to start organized navy"

"World's oldest plank built ship"

"Egyptian boats are made of Papyrus and reeds"

"Origin of motor car"

"Major and minor air accident killing people"

"Which pilot flew more hours flying in sky so far?"

"Ford company produced a plastic car in 1941"

" What does organization SCROOGE meant for ?"

"Children born with IVF suffer birth defects"

"Drinking water before exams will make us do better"

"Being optimistic reduces heart diseases and strokes"

"Treatment while lying on railway tracks"

"A bird weighing tea spoon ful"

"What is the weight of Giza pyramids?"

"Why do fire services uses red color?"

"The 2011 earth quake in Japan was so powerful to shock Antarctica"

"What is the area of Earth's surface?"

"Slicing of ear lead to war between Britain and Spain"

"It was few more paintings of Van Gogh"

"First person to use lift in the history"

"What does kings in playing cards represents?"