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"Typing with left hand can make us sad"

"Gene responsible for baby's weight during delivery"

"Alain Robert the famous rock climber"

"Trees can produce electricity"

"Man made noise can affect growth of trees"

"Stimulant drugs during pregnancy can make children with behavioral patterns"

"Ovary transplant can prevent menopause"

"Men depend on their leading women to select their dress"

"How to keep leafy vegetables fresh?"

"How to prevent sweets from ants?"

"Chimps walk on two feet when fighting for food"

"Exposure to plastic may result in diabetes"

"A protein responsible for baldness in men"

"Body massage with Snails in Russia"

"Girls wearing revealing clothes are less competent"

"Women resort to emotional eating when in stress"

"Men think 'what to say' while being with women"

"Even a little exertion in a threatening incident can impair memory"

"Hot pepper is good for heart"

"Digging into past can bring ill-health"

"Playing music during surgery is good for patient's recovery"

"Having a nap in the afternoon is not good for health"

"Anxiety" can lead to "Osteopsorosis"

"Apple is good for health"

"Attractive women have least chances to be screened for interview"

"Retina with algae- a new breakthrough"

"Recycle break fast packets can pose serious danger of cancer"

"Myth about Eye Twitching"

"Beet root is good for memory loss in old"

"Social activities are good for health of a brain"

"Popular myth about occurring of earth quakes"

"Beauty tip with "curry leaves' and "turmeric"

"Beauty tip with Thulasi and lemon"

Avoiding burning sensation, when cutting onions

"Costliest tea" by a "Chinese man using Panda excreta"

"55 feet monster found in China sea"

"The aroma of food has some thing with how we eat them"

"Suicides rate are more among people with migraines"

"Fast food eaters are unhappy with their un healthy habbits"

"National Centre for Health Statistics on couples"

"Major Summerford" was chased by lightning all his life'

"Genetic mutation"- the reason for most beautiful eyes of "Elizabeth Taylor"

"Children born prematurely have difficulty in maths"

"Wine festival in Haro Spain"

"Walking 1000 miles to win love"

"Play as much as you can with your kids" by "Birmingham University"

"Cheese is good for Osteoporosis"

"Bitter gourd has so much nutritional values"

"Women experience more sexual fantasies during the fertile period of month"

"Brain size determines how many friends we have"

"Coffee is good for Alzheimer’s risk"

"People with autism are better able to focus"

"Women who drink two cups of tea are more likely to become pregnant"

"Living in dirt improves immune system"- "Harvard Medical researchers"

"Beans are good for Alzheimer's disease"

"Pistachios and Walnuts are good for brain health and cancer"

Break fast with almonds is good for health"

"Anti-depressant medicines a good treatment to reduce osteoarthritis with less side effects"

"Blood test to indicate the possible occurrence of heart attack"- "Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI)"

"Aspirin has the properties to prevent cancer from spreading to other organs"

"What is the speed of pain?"

"Herons catch fish in a unique way"

"Match stick an un patented invention"

"Physical exercise is good to convert LDL form of cholesterol to HDL"

"Its important to know risk factors involving the cholesterol"

"world’s lengthiest currency "

"Australian walking fish"

"Frederic Chopin's beard"

"Great Nazi leader behind origin of Volkswagen Beetle"

"Which animal never sleeps?"

"Sponges need to filter tons of water just to gain one ounce"

"Humpback whales use'bubble net strategy to catch fish"

"How Duffle bag got its name?"

"Dolphins need to tell themselves to breathe"

"Reducing belly fat will increase in more blood flow in arteries"

"Many pain killers are responsible for hypertension and heart attacks"

"Women delaying mother hood for their career are more likely to suffer from post natal depression"

"Having break fast during morning times can reduce anxiety"-"Sussex Innovation Centre"

"World would have to pay a heavy price end of this century if greenhouse gas emissions are not controlled"

"Thin people have more chances of dyeing after surgery"

"How do Flamingos look pink or reddish in color?"

"American consume more energy drinks"

"Heaviest US president"

"Consuming fatty foods in men can lead to low sperm count"

"Caffeine drinks are not advisable for expecting mothers"

"For an Iraqi terrorist ‘Khay Rahanajet’, it was praying a price.

"Harvard University prescribes diet to fight cholesterol"

"What is sea ice?"

"What is dyslexia? "

"Eating faster can lead to overweight"

"Heart beat patterns of each person tells about their attitude"

"Low consumption of alcohol lowers stroke risk in women"

"Cadmium present in dietary food is causing breast cancer among women"

"Unhealthily life among men cam lead to erectile dysfunction"

"Oral sex is becoming the main reason for mouth cancer"

"People depending on vitamin supplements are more likely to die early"

"Pregnant women addicted to nicotine may bring heart diseases to unborn child"

"Pregnant women with cancer may increase the disease more"

"Coffee reduces the chance of getting pregnant in women"

"Watermelons are good for heart problems"

"Arthritis drugs may be good for coronary heart problems"

"What is bi-polar disorder"

"Eating white rice regularly may lead to type 2 diabetes"-"Harvard School of Public Health"

"Low literacy leads to high mortality" by "University College London"

"Self prescription of anti-biotics can be harmful"

"Coriander seeds is having many health benefits"

"World is wasting lots of food" "Reuters Food and Agriculture Summit in Chicago"

"Why we always face difficulty in making a right decission"

"Eating read meat can bring death with heart attacks or cancer- Harward"

"Stair case injuries for kids are becoming more in US"

"Mercury contaminated cosmetics can be hazardous to women's health"

"Men who are circumcised have lower chances of getting prostrate cancer"

"Men having a drinking habit of sodas and sugary drinks likely to have heart attacks"

"Origin of word limelight"

"Coffee was smuggled once in America"

"African pregnant women consume clay during their pregnancy"

"Illegal to bath without Doctor's prescription"

"Temple of tooth in Sri Lanka"

"Very less women consider themselves as attractive"

"What is Kokigami"

"What is a kissing muscle"