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'Pole of Inaccessibility'

"Bigger nose is a beauty " for "San Blas’ Indian women "

"California is moving towards East"

"Portugal" "world's largest producer of cork'

"Roman emperor 'Commodos' had a brutal fun"

"Queen Elizabeth I of Russia was so passionate about dresses"

"Ishi" the "last member of Ishi tribe"

"Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt wore gold knitted fabrics"

"Study shows rich are more likely to be dis honest"

A punishment as a 'sex slave' for a "Russian robber"

"Gum diseases affects people struggling to handle money matters"

"Laughing is good for stress"

"Snoring women are more prone to health hazzards"

"What is a "Soldier's Disease"?

"Why do we lie?"

"Mediterranean divers- used pen shell strands for making gloves"

"Hammerhead sharks" the "only shark which gives birth to young ones"

'Ralston Purina' "food for roosters to fight"

"Who invented rickshaw?"

Who invented "Coffee filter"?

"Chinese invented glasses for eyes"

"Goliath caskets" caskets for bigger people

"Win Thida" the "elephant with contact lens"

"Restaurant which depicts hospital in Latvia"

"DeWet Du Toit- real life tarzan"

Broken heart really hurts peoples feelings"- "University of California"

"Men prefers smart phone over news paper in toilet"

"Sex can burn extra calories"

"Kids attending nursery may face health problems in future"

"New York City Subway" world's first under water rail system

"Russian submarines are made of concrete"

"Cherry Creek Mall- the first mall ever"

"Who first made rubber bands?"

"Inventor of toilet"

"Lillian Moller Gilbreth - a lady pioneer in ergonomics"

"Persistent sexual arousal syndrome""Persistent sexual arousal syndrome "

"Rotating lawn sprinkler was invented during Christ times"

"Inventor of Riffle"

"First computer program by Ada Byron"

"who invented "Electrical hearing aids"

"Inventor of Elevator"

'Fresh Kills Landfill'

'According to Chiropractors Association young children are suffering from RSI'

"Fluid intake is very much essential for brain"

"Beans are good for Insulin and Heart attacks"

"Food that give good night sleep"

"Zone of Silence" the mysterious place

'Divorce rates are high for couples married in earlier part of year"

"Beans are good for hair growth"

"Jujube tea is good for sore throats"

"Prunes are good for digestion"

"Excessive Vitamin D will cause heart attacks"

"Women tend to like men who love their pets the same way as they do"

"Diet Soda may lead to heart attacks or strokes"

"Seven hours sleep will be plenty for teens"- "Brigham Young University"

"Sharks form social groups and teams"

"" the "first domain name ever created"

"What is "Cottaging" and "Tea rooms"?

"Survey says "Most of the Britt confirms having sex in public place"

"In-flammable Buffalo urine"