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'In Vitro Fertilization" the boon for child less

"Recycling glass consumes lots of energy"

"Hiccups" the way to control

"Chemicals found in pop corn may prevent vaccines from working"

"Consuming of lots of juices may lead to some kinds of cancer"

"onions are good for many health problems" by "Cranfield University"

"Men spent more on coffee and lunch than women" by "Accounting Principals"

"World's tallest "ATC"

What "number of roses given to a girl indicate?"

"Mayan's belief to obtain supernatural power"

"Rhinoceros horns boost sexual power"

"Bruce Lee's form of martial art"

"Who was "Casanova"?

"study shows unmarried couple tend to be more happier than un married couple" by "Cornell University"

"A hip size can indicate the person's premature death"- " Deakin University"

"What is a "Gene Gun"?

"Disneyland" and its orgin

"Real estate assets would cost a leg and an arm"

"Who invented "Cork screw"?

"Possessing Bacon is considered as a mark of wealth in olden days"

"How the word "Calculate" originate from?"

"Last words spoken from Moon mission Apollo 17th"

"Consumption of pop corn was dated back even before to ceramic pottery"

"The way the women sways indicates her readiness for love making"

"Golf tee" was invented by "Dr. George F. Grant"

"The Himalayan Gogi Berry"

"Who was the first female physician in the history of mankind"?

"Who was first to use "Acupuncture treatment"?

"The unknown fact of "Guinness beer"

"Emerson Master" the crayon maker reveals himself as color blind much later in his life"

"Three eggs per week can lead to more chances of prostrate cancer" by "Harvard School of Public Health"

"King Henry VII" had a pet "Polar Bear"

"Children of strict parents are more depressed than others"

"Taller men have less chances of getting heart attacks"

"Heart patients can resume their sex life if they can....."

"People tend to argue more during January month"

"Looking at pictures of food can make you hungry" by "Max Planck researchers"

“Krakatoa” explosion changed the atmosphere in the year 1883

"Oatmeal is good for teeth"

"Even rows for corn"

"Drinking of water when we wake up is good for health"

"Sharks can grow more than 20,000 teeth in their life time"

"Cashews are good for colon cancer"

"Left and right shoes were unique still nineteenth century"

"Bizaree flight journey where passengers were told not to drink or eat food as toilets were not working"

"Club 33" the "secret club of New Orleans"

"Poison bottle collector club"

"Giga Society" where people with high IQ are elligible

"Men want to cheat their partners still not leaving them and want them"

"Fighting depression leads to higher productivity" by "Center for Addiction and Mental Health"

"Same gender "workers feel negative emotions when their fellow worker are being ill treated"

Genghis Khan's record for mass killing

"Dog breeds that survived Titanic disaster"

"IBM computers in WW II"

Cyano Acrylate Glue" was invented accidently

"The world's costliest rehabilitating of animals goes in vain"

"which is the longest pipeline in the world"?

"Inventor of Diapers"

"Oshkosh" the "world's powerful fire truck"

"Tutara" the "three eyed animal from New Zealand"

"Go Go Frog" only "animal known to eat its own body parts"

"Who are the largest consumer of candy in the world"?

"Which is the fish able to change its sex"?

"The largest Sundae ice cream ever made"

Who is the "largest zipper manufacturer" in world?

"Marriage Ceremony in moving church in Illinois"

"Movement of facial muscles is not same for laugh and weep"

"Vaseline petroleum Jelly" inventor used to eat daily in the morning.

"Country with most number of airports"

"Santa School" in Canada