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"How to make Candle last longer?"

"Cool tip for brittle nails"

"How to make flowers in vases look fresh?"

""How to remove mud strains from clothes?"

"How to make dried sketch pen working?"

"Prevent nail polish from drying"

"Andre Turcat" flown the first "Super sonic airliner"

"First heart transplantation" by "Christian Bernard"

"Discovery of DNA"

History of "inventions of photography"

"Colossus, one of the first electronic computers"

"Synthetic Radio Active material"

"First television demonstration"

"Theory of Atomic Structure"

"Ford Motor company"

"Wright brothers were first to fly the flight"


Invention of "finger printing"

"First power station was started in New York"

“Thomas Edison” invented "phonograph"

"Alexander Graham Bell" invents "telephone"

"Matthias Schleiden" discovers cells

"First railway engine started in England"

"Louis Braille inventor of Braille"

"Charles Babbage inventor of first computer"

“Edward Jenner” "invents vaccination"

"Discovery of Structure of Water"

"Discovery of Oxygen"

"Hans Lippershey" invents "telescope"

"Invention of cotton gin" - “Eli Whitney”

Strange laws of the world

"Broccoli is good for skin"

"Selenium" and "Nickel" are good for "pancreatic cancer"

"Krakatoa erruption"created the "loudest nice ever in human history"

"Carrots were earlier Purple, Yellow and White"

"Chilies are good for Sinus"

"Which country is the largest in consumption of Snakes as food?"

"Growth of finger nails"

"Mount Kea" the officially "highest mountain on Earth"

"Richard IIs jaw bonw was stollen from his tomb"

The word "Abracadabra" was coined for medicinal purpose

"Matami tribe" plays football with "human skull"- a different ball game

The "first photograph" was taken by "Nicephore Niepce "

"Submarines" were believed to be used by "Alexander" during his wars

"Chinese were first to use rocket launchers"

Invention of "Magnifying glass"

"Printing Press" was invented by "Gutenberg"

"Punishment for fidelitity in Hongkong"

"Nautilius" the first "nuclear submarine"

"Hebrew" a language believed to be meant only for "Prophets"

"Chinese" the first to produce paper

"First color photography" by "James Clerk maxwell"

All "Vietnamese" are direct decendants of "Lac" and "Au Co"

Priest "Willow Catkin" can make good health in "Poland"

“Toltecs” waging wars with wodden swords

"African women" style of making them more beautiful