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'Swapping of vegeterean' food lowers "cholestrol"

'Using of "laptop" connected "wifi" could lead to sperm damage

"Taking small amounts of "Tylenol" can lead do deadly consequences as overdoses

"Lucky Rabbit's Foot" and its origin

"Touch wood" and its origin

"Breaking a mirror will bring seven years of bad luck" and its origin

"Walking under a ladder will bring bad luck".and its origin

"If you spill some salt, you must take a pinch of the spilled salt and throw it over your left shoulder' its origin

"Black Cat crossing the path will bring bad luck" its origin

"Paraskevidekatriaphobia" fear of "Friday the 13th" and its origin

“Triskaidekaphobia.” fear of number 13 and its origin

"Halloween" and its origin

Rappottengtein”,Austria where free land was given

According to a "Canada Biologist" "termites" have a short lived love life

Most women are taking pills for "non contraceptive" reasons according to"National center for Health" report

"Walking speedily" can increase your life span according to "University of Pitsburgh"

"Fengshui tip in office"

Why "Police" will be busy on "Wenessday"

"Phobias" starting with T W X

"Phobias" starting with letter R S

'Phobias" with letter P

"Phobias" starting with O

'Phobias" starting with LMN

"Phobias " starting with letter H

"Phobias" starting with letter G

"Phobias" starting with letter D and E

"Phobias" starting with letter C

"Phobias " starting with letter B

"Phobias" starting with letter A

"Coffee" is good to prevent strokes

"Coffee" is good for women to protect from "endometrial cancer"

"Walt Disney" got a brilliant idea in garage.. what is it?

"Lick's Observartoy" the place also a tomb

'What is the original mane of "Sony" company"?

'How does the word"Vaccination" derived"

'First ever Heart medicine'

"Reuben Fine" the finest chess player in the world

"Victorian water lilly" has big leaves

What does the word "COP" means?

How 'Tycho Brahe' the famous astronomer lost his nose'

Unique way of treating 'Arthritis'

"World's deepest cave"

"Guiness Records" holding a record for itself

"Pineaplle" is a natural pain killer

'Baby matresses' is a cause for "Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)"

"What is a " Brick tea"

"Transsexuals" are more commited to work and have greater 'satisfaction in their jobs'

'Men think about sex more frequent than women'

'Women who wore skirts do well in office than those who wore trousers'

'Mulbery' reduces ageing'

'Eating 5 'Walnuts' a week will increase your life span by 7 years'

'Great Pyramids' were once white as snow

Marriages are end for kissing among couples

"Eating excessive junk food will reduce hearing power'

'Short sight lead to an air crash'

'Human scarecrow'

'Whales play frizbee with Stingray before eating them'

'Listening to music while having food will make you more fat'

'Mountaineering with a pet'

'Woman can't keep a secret more than half an hour'

"Fish that can survive with out water"

'French kiss transmits more pathogens'

"Smokers get more wrinkles"

''More nerves than stars in milky way''

What is the content of 'men's magazine' mostly?'

'Sperm banking' helps 'cancer patients' in emotional battle with the disease

'Ketchup was once as medicine'

'Frogs can throw their stomach outside'

In 'WW II' 'playing cards' can be used as 'maps' to escape

Which nut is ingredient of "Dynamite'?