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'Women do multi tasking better than men'

'Largest organ in human body'

'Heavy alchohol consumption may lead to lung cancer'

'People who like sweets are more friendlier in nature'

'Regular sleep patterns gives good marks in exams for adolescents'

''Oral contraceptives can lead to blood clot'

'Youth listening to heavy rock metal are often have suicidal tendency'

'Manmade blood soon going to help the patients'

"Red meat" is good for health according to a new study

'Motorala invented the first mobile phone'

Founder of 'Gonjo Journalism'

First ever 'Computer Virus'.

"'Lady's finger" is good for "proliferation"

'Human brain is more than a super computer'

''Making of mead is prehistoric in origin'

'Brinjal is good for phlegm'

'Indian Railways' , the largest utility employer in the world

'Women's heart beats faster than men'

Indication of 'Global Warming'

Make yourself an errupting volcano'

'Lung capacity reduces by 40 percent by the time we reach 50 years of age'

'Mustard seed is laxative in nature'

'Human eyes can distinguish one million color'

'Evolution of socks'

"Junk food causes infertility in men even though healthier"

'Vodka' as a source of government income

'Mirror image twins'

'Eight common foods that cause allergies'

"Plastic takes long years for decompose"

'Tuna Fish' is good for many diseases

'Pacific Grey Whale' a powerful mother

'World's first crayon'

Frank and Louie, a gray feline with two mouths

'Cuddling, touching and embracing develops more intimacy than sex among couples'

'Cinnamon and honey tip for arthritis'

'Pancreatic juices contains enzymes that become activated only when it reaches duodenum'

'Couples who stay together are less likely to stay longer together'

'Reasons for couple's quarel'

'People who blush more and easily are trust worthy and romantic'

Robot 'CubeStormer' beats human in solving 'Rubik's cube'

'Text me up' a book containing collection of text messages

'Mustard is having hormones which can develop muscles'

'Intimate mobile phones which will sense touch breath and even kissing soon'

'Snacks at cinema theatres have much calories than normal food'

''Tooth brushes should never kept in bathroom'

What are 'Tiger's stripes?'

'Thomas Alva Eddison was afraid of dark'?

Which state in US is earlier called 'Franklin

'Right handed people live longer than left?'

'How many times a paper can be folded to half?'

What is the speciality of 'Preying Mantis sex act'?

What is the unique between 'Human' and 'Dolphins'?

How to escape from 'Corocdile grip'

"New Jersey' a place where 'egg plant' is grown more

How many dimples does a 'Golf ball have?'

'Majority of the people who apply in 'dating sites' are already married'

'Chewing gum is 9000 years old'

'How many 'Blipms' are tehre in the world

'Woman sues a chewing copany for short term 'depression' she faced due to 'chewing gum'

'Porn movies' on LED screen publicly

'Women like to do shopping with their girl friends than their better halves'

Introduction of 'elastic clothes' to the 'world of fashion'

'Anti-depreesants' decreases the romance

'Walking prevents from many diseases'

'Chewing food for longer burns more calories'

'Don't start dieting starting from Tuesday'

'Women are more attracted to other women'

'Fast eating' can cause 'diabetes'

Taking excess 'Vitamin E pills ' can cause 'prostrate cancer' in men

'Tooth decay' bacteria may cause 'bowel cancer'

''Men are more funnier to other men than women'

'Sugar free chewing' gums are not good for 'teeth'

'Chocolates are good for strokes'

'How much quantity of salt is good for health'

'Thin women have less chance of conceiving'

'Get married and have a drink every night to live longer'

Women with more household responsibilities have 'low sex'

Banned drug 'DDT' is still found in human bodies

Even men are at risk of 'Breast Cancer'