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"Ozone related diseases" are likely to happen in next 60 years

'Sitting long hours can make you die early'

'Looking at eyelids can tell you about 'heart diseases'

'Married people are less likely to do exercise'

Young men below 30 are more likely to take off from work due to sick than their old collagues of age 55 or more

'Child less men' are more likely to die from 'cardio vascualr diseases'

'Stress levels could aggrevate breast cancer in women'

'Twenty eight is the age for starting diet'

'Vegetable' intake reduces the risk of 'colorectal cancers'

'Potatoes have rich Potassium than any other vegetable'

'Goodness of Lemon'

Mediterranean diet enhances the life expectancy

'Natural way to treat obesity related diseases'

'Indian spices helps to cure several oral diseases'

'Olive oil reduces the rrisk of strokes'

'Almonds are good for sex life'

'Favouritism is the main reason for getting promotions'

'Children of aged parents are more likely to suffer from neurological disorders'

'Which only animal in Berlin zoo that was killed during World war II'?

'Which animal can see all of its four feet all times'?

How 'Ramses brand condom' got its name?

'Pentagon has more bath rooms as necessary'

'Lengthiest word with out repeating a letter in english'

'Which is the most "common name in the world'?

Which is the longest 'English word'?

What is an 'Eisenhower '

'which is the bird that can swim but not fly'?

'Origin of 'rule of thumb'

'Which is the only insect that can turn its head'?

'Moderate consumption of beer protects from many diseases'

'Older women should get reomve their ovaries when they reach 40 to avoid cancer'

'Using contraceptive pills creates memory problems in women'

'Women waste lots of water while shaving their legs'

'Human body creates most of dust in house'

'What are the elements human body is made of?'

'Cheetah can accelerate very quickly'

''Mosquitoes have teeth'

'Which is the oldest multicellular fossil?'

'Rats multiply very fastly'

'How much saliva a human mouth produces per year?'

'Sharks teeth are very hard'

'Which is the smallest bone in human body?'

A dinosaur with big body and little brain'?

'How much time its take to digest completely?'

'Which is the "largest man made lake" in USA'?

'Which is the largest cell in human body?'

'Which creature has blue blood?'

'Blue whale produces much noise than any animal in the world'

'Giraffe's heart is as tall as it is'

Which is the world's largest amphibian?

'Which other vertebrates out number birds?'

'Elephant's sleep'

'Which creature swallows stones to dive deeper in water?'

'Which creature never sleep in its entire life'?

'When was the first coast to coast telephone line established'?

'Astronats grow taller in space'

'Suicides are prominent causes of death world wide'

Famous Psychologist's views about Adolf Hitler's hand writing

Fetus reacts from four months

Who is a 'Pesco vegetrain'

'Laughter' is good for health

'Cocoa butter ' is good for skin

'Lewis' 'A horse that does yoga'

'Boy's are maturing earlier than girls'

'Majority of Americans are using gadgets to make their sex better'

'Majority of Europeans suffer from mental disorders'

Taking pain killers during pregnacny may lead to miscarriage

'Green tea' is good for many health hazzards

'Tobacco affects women more than men'

'One Amla is equal to two oranges'

'Lungs contain million capillaries'

'Sea weed is good for digestion'

Prolonged TV viewing causes many diseases

Daily intake of walnuts reduces breast cancer in women

'Obese people are prone to back pain'

'Sleeping with light increases obesity'

Where do dust comes from?

Which creature tastes with its legs

A cown can go upstairs but not to downstairs