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'Hamsters blink only one eye'

Most use 'blue tooth brushes'

What is 'Currency notes' made of ?

'Dates reduces cholestrol'

'Good food for heart'

'A mighty river below the Amazon'

Place with no telephone lines in 1980

'Price for Racoon's head'

Probability of head and tail

'Who invented scissors'

'Which creature's muscle is stronger than human muscles'

'Human jaw generates enormous pressure'

'Most poisonous animals in the world'

'What is the count of hairs on human head'

'Length of human blood vessels'

'Flies jump good heights'

'Number of Bones in human body are different from kids to adults'

'Some parts of human body are like rocks and concrete'

How 'Hershey's kisses' got that name

Which animals doesn't have "vocal cards"?

'Hair on eyes'

,Finger nails and toe nails'

'Vegetarian diet ' is good for bowel disorders

'Three meals day gor good diet'

'Its a myth that China wall will be visible from moon'

'Shutdown of telephone system as a tribute'

'Cigarette soot attached to hair will cause more danger'

What is Sinistrality, Sinistrmanuality and mancinism

Elvis Presley preffered gun over guitar when he was kid

Brain stays alive without oxygen for short duration

'Yoga makes you tolerable to pain'

'Antibodies in women cause infertility'

'High fat food before pregnancy will yield a baby boy'

'Extended period of sitting can result in early death'

"Cats" makes more "vocal sounds" than "dogs"

'Baby Robins eat legthy food'

How modern milittary salute originated

"Which animal gives birth to babies which are all of same sex"?

"Which animal shares the "leprosy disease" along with human beings"?

"which animal can stay under water for a longer time?"

What is 'Epizootic'

What are ancient pillows made of

Toothe pick causes many problems

'Sneeze travels very faster'

Skunk's spray

Why women are less prone to' heart attacks'

What is 'Pororoca'

'Honey is edible forever'

'Shark's sense is amazing..

'Which is the fish that blinks eyes'

Divorce for not giving cofee..

How long Pig's orgasm last...

'Rejection causes for early death'

Monkey was trailed

'Building tunnels in one night'

'Hiccups for six years'

'Licking stamp also burns calories'

How much fuel 'Jumbo Jet' uses to take off...

Male 'Emperor Moth's s'ense of smell is so powerful