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Which part in human body blood supply is not there

Which parts of 'human body' grow even after deaths

Is both 'lungs' equal in size?

'Sneezing ' can destroy 'brain cells'

Color 'blue' has a pleasing effect on the brain

When 'Roosters' cant crow?

Fat people regain even after losing

'Honey' is easy to digest

Winking of 'Owl'

Whats difference between 'men's shirt ' and women's shirt

'Which direction 'bats' turn when coming out of a cave'

When 'Saliva'can't taste food

'Fengshui' tip for ;straying lover'

'Dalmatian puppies' are born without spots

What do we listen when we put a 'sea shell' near our' ears'

Which color is your 'Tongue'

A tip while peeling 'Onions'

which side you 'chew food'

Dumb law of 'Rhode island'

'Greek Spartans' are known for their bravery

Who is 'Matador'

'Airbag ' from the car comes out with a good speed

Armadillo can hold breath for long time

Cow chewing food

'Olympic gold medal'

This is a life time growth in 'Rabbits'

'Worlds' 'Chocolate' comsumption every year is...

'Mickey mouse' doesn't had eye brows earlier

'Alexander' have two different eyes

'Greek national Anthem' is very long

'Star of India' stolen even when there was burglar alarm

'River Dolphin' has bigger brain than humans

'Tuesday' is the most stressful day of the week

What 'young women' and 'old women' want

'Teen books may be erotic for them'

'Lack of sleep' could cause 'Demetia' in later life

'Men' have more resistant to' inflamatory diseases' than women'

'Vegetable diet ' makes you have 'daughters'

'Computer' the man's best friend

'Mosquitoes are more attracted to blue color shades

'Thin women' get jobs easier'

'Music learners' brain will be more sharper

'World's costliest dog'

Chinese followed Fengshui even for tombs

'Sea Cucumber ' defends with a "chemical attack"

'Human brain' accounts 20 percent of the blood flow

'Tooth' is the only organ in the human body that cannot repair

For 'African Cicada' fly life is all about sleeping

'Lack of sleep' reduces 'Testosterone' levels

'Fengshui tip' for placing a 'fax machine'

Earlier we were 'dreaming in 'black and white'

'Fengshui tips' before buying or renting a house

'Watermelon' is a good 'stress' buster

'Pineapple' is world's favorite fruit

'Broken marble in the house or office is not good'

"Mork Encino" offered himself as a human sport