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Low calorie chocolate drink is good after workouts

An apple a day keeps you away

"Woman buy flowers herself not to wait for his men to give it"

"Most wives get gifts which they got earlier"

Men are poor in remembering "anniversery date"

Man stuck in AC vent for nearly 15 hours

Wierzchowo, Poland a World War Two (WWII) died accidently creating artecrafts wit weapons

Patients need to buy their own bandages in "Krakow, Poland"

'Fengshui tip for victory in office"

We consume insects while in sleep

Goodness of Olive oil

Wearing mobile to belt can be risk to hip bones

Potassium rich food can reduce strokes

Walnuts are king of nuts

Real life Romeo and Juliet "Vasily Skladarov" and "'Nada Skobeleva" meets after 53 years

"Brits prefer radio than any other media"

Japanese Pop "Aimi Eguchi" star artist found to be a computer generated character

'Woman bite the tongue of a sexual attacker in Stamford"

Mysterious 65 year old Phoenix found travelling in womans' out fit

"Toe wrestling"

"A man in Michigan arrested for fighting with a parrot"

"In Australia drunken parrots falling from sky"

"Shots with Horse sperms" in "Green man Pub" New Zealand

"Stephanie Robinette of Westerville " sprayed breast milk on Sheriff

A British illusionists"Dynamo" walks on river Thames bare foot

Robot that can detect breast cancer invented by "Amir Kabir University"

Mosquitoes will like to bite boozers

"Stolen Petrol was sold with special offer after midnight in Germany"

Sitting for prologed duration can cause early death

What turns women from sex

Women are more concerned about their bottom shapes

"Legoland Boss" pranked by staff with car made of toy bricks

Buggy art of "George Washing ton"

Nerve signals travel faster than Ferari

Buzzing fact

A man was having a tooth pic in his stomach for nearly 25 years unnoticed

"Man with 150 bullets inside his body and still survives"

Tips for black and rough elbows

"Diabetes alarming world wide"

Woman "Karen Jumeaux"marries her dead boy friend

A woman hid the coat for three days in her underwear

A kiss saved the life of a person

A rear collection of knickers for project

Goodness of walnuts

walking is good for heart

A tree facing the house

"Headphones may cause bacterial infection in ear"

"Andrew Schneider" charge while you tan

Placement of company board....

"Sense of smell" differs from "right and left nostrils"

"Woman dials 911 for wrong takeaway"

Wind chime for the health of office staff

Don't keep vase opposite to door

"Hippopotamus" can open its mouth so wide

An invitation of testical feast for Royal couple by "Aphrodisiac Cooking Championships"

Men and women of 50's prefer sex a past time more than 30's

A device that you can hug from University of Electro-Communications ,Tokyo

Spanking children will make them aggresive

Sexting is the habbit of women more than a men

Police giving car to a car thief in "Bogatynia, Poland"

Dying twice for a woman "Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov" in "Kazan, Russia"

"Sloth Bear" has very poor digestion

Meat is rich in proteins

"Cough travels faster than sound"

A pet sheep saves her owner from suffering from breast cancer

A man robs the bank for just one dollar "Gastonia, North Carolina"

Sheep dog "Border Collie" that is too much scared by sheep

What sleeping position tells about you?

Hotdogs for a cause

Gossiping is good for health

What women doesn't want to do after middle age

Men quit smoking habbit easily than women

Men can be aroused more with pumpkin smell than any otherthing

A wrong turn made it to land in wrong place for a young Penguin

Facebook becoming popular among old too

Cab passenger "Markus Bäcker" jumping from cab inorder not to pay his bill

Wife"Malgorzata Jankowska" kills hubby for killing her cat in Poland

"Chinese prisoner "Lu Men" singing made him to got Italy"

"Marco and Ilona Bacescu" were unlucky to enjoy the lottery they have won

Dog drowned into river with a brick tied to it

"Vegan protesters" in Germany got into trouble by a dog"

Wrong sign made a chinese woman to drive her car on staircase

Helen, the dynamite girl

Brett Lee the famous cricketer of Australia pacing his service for kids