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Bullet proofs can be made from human stem cells

Human stem cells have been found having a bizarre property never before seen at cellular level, according to a study published by University of Cambridge scientists. The property — known as auxeticity — is one which may have application as wide-ranging as soundproofing, super-absorbent sponges and bulletproof vests. 

Power can be generated from toilet flushes

Scientists have developed a novel way to harness the motion of water, including from raindrops cascading down a window or from a toilet flush, as a sustainable energy source that can power homes. 

Researcher Youn Sang Kim and colleagues at Seoul National University and Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) have adapted a transducer to convert the mechanical energy from water motion into electrical energy. Researchers demonstrated that the motion from a 30 micro-litres water droplet in such a system was able to generate enough electricity to power a green light-emitting diode (LED).