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Men try to change their voice when talking to women they feel attracted to

Men instinctively adopt a sing-song tone when talking to a woman they find attractive, a new study has found. The study led by the University of Stirling in UK looked at the vocal ranges of men and women in courtship scenarios found humans make subtle changes in their voices when they speak to people they find attractive.Source.

African Elephants have strongest sense of smell in the animal kingdom

It is scientifically proven that the African elephant has the most powerful sense of smell in the entire animal kingdom. 

Researchers for the first time examined the olfactory receptor (OR) repertoire encoded in 13 mammalian species and found that African elephants have the largest number of OR genes ever characterized; more than twice that found in dogs and five times more than in humans,the African elephant had the most extensive olfactory repertoire, with almost 2,000 OR genes. Source.